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Book VI

Book VI
1. doing what can be done
2. Tears and Laughter
3. Getting There
4. go to fixin'
6. (untitled)
7. two tree tales
8. You Need Him

doing what can be done

Fallen from a place so special
At God’s own side, Adam
Now sits outside the garden’s gate,
The hot east wind to demonstrate
The consequences of sin and pride:
He and Eve have died.

Why should a fate so cruel
Be thrust upon our world?
Did not God create us for Himself?
What can we do(?) now but grieve
And pray to Him to receive
A reversal from our missed fortune,
A return to His favor once more.

Tears and Laughter

Many mornings mourn for living,
Many faces seem so grim.
These weights that are carried inside the hearts,
Can they be but the force of sin?

Faces!: Where is Jesus?
What have you done with Him?
Have you not heard that He lives,
And died that you, might too, begin
A life free of the devil’s lying power,
And the power of death so grim?

Our lives are measured day by day.
One never knows the hour
of their passing quite away,
to sweetness or to sour.

Living now is not of hell,
Nor of heaven. Yet, I tell
that in our groaning joy may walk

Though sorrow our lot can sometimes be,
Affliction is suited to our need,
That we might purify our deeds.

Nonetheless does wisdom not
Proclaim herself in every jot
And tittle writ by Him,
Whom we receive and we must win?

We know Him Whom we do now bless.
We know the joy, the promised rest
Is our to come, and even now
Does lighten up our earthen brow.
Yet if our days find trial and test
In our tears we remain blest.

Now so we walk with our Paraclete :
Sweet Spirit God to guide our steps
On the Way, in the Truth, in the Life;
With brief tumult and fleeting strife.
With tears which turn to joy and praise
When Morning's hymns and anthem we raise
To call Him Lord : the Ancient of Days.

Hallelu Yah !!! Glori a Dios !!!

Getting There

Present things in present days,
which of all if any rule?
Bits of memories remembered now-
we called them history when in school.
We cry out values, good and bad,
searching always for their measure.
All of life we live long days,
which of any of us prays?

We have not the things we would have,
having left off from the asking.
What we get by our own devices
is wildly wasted in lusting.
Of our hearts, of my heart
will it never ever end?
In our hearts, in my heart,
this crazy craving evil bent?

Hidden stashes overflow
from the larder heavy laden,
in the storeroom, where I go
when I’m not remembering
how You went up on that hill that day
to purge away from me my foolishness and lust.

Grief and sadness will appear
when that flood subsides;
and leaves up on the banks of my hearts river
grief and sadness and loss besides.

Stop ! Don’t seed the clouds of doubt,
the clouds of wrath, or the clouds about
the minds of others, brothers, broken too.
Gently sow the Word of Grace,
which hearers hearts may then amend to.

Seek the Sower of the Truth,
Sowing freely Yahweh's Word,
Prepare your soil for His pass,
Receive the Seed, and the Water.
Sprout. Burst upward, grow.
Let the root sink deep, be made precious harvest for to reap
When in Eternity at last
Frees you from all harm in heavens grasp.

Find a hook set fat with bait,
not to nibble, - devour it.
Let the Angler sent of heaven
harvest you. Though you may fight
the rod and reel and staff,
you’ll find a Fisherman of might
will land you: purged of all your strength:
a lamb-like little fish for His table.

Thou fish, now caught, raptured, dazed, near death,
He delivers you with a kindly blow,
and mortified, you feel not the fillet knife
as you are prepared for the meal.
You are become a pleasant dish,
and your aroma a pleasing one to Him, Thou fish.

You are consumed, and united in Him
who is Life
and is Love.

go to fixin'

Everybody wants to rule the world.
Nobody knows how.
It’s too big for one man or lady.

Little more should need be spoken
Except that everything’s been broken
Everyday we go to fixin’
And come behinder than we started.

What’s missing? We should ponder
About how and why the walls fell down.
And why the dust, it never settles
And why the Kings are no more crowned.
And why

every day we go to fixin’ and come behinder
than when we started.


if you see my light shining oh follow me
if you see my face lit up share the joy
if you see me burdened down
lend a shoulder or a hand
if you see my knees a shaking steady me

if I persist in foolishness oh do rebuke me
if you see me falling down do pray for help
if you see me in a sin oh
correct me please I pray
if you see that I’d repent oh call me on

if you see me hesitate warn me well now
if you see that I have heard disciple me
oh I want to go to heaven not to hell so
if you see that I’ve repented

if you see my tear stained face
if you see me on my knees
come join with me
if you see me thanking Jesus
for His mercy and His love
think of all the love He’s given thee.

all it cost of me was my refuse/garbage/dust
for that was all I had the day I met Him
I brought nothing to His table ‘cept my sin stained hands and feet
in my dirty rags I met Him

He - full of grace and truth and love
full of faith and holiness
beyond what words can speak

I pray :

that a little more like Jesus
you see me day by day
less and less like that old man now crucified;
less and less like that old world
that is simply passing away,
that old world that I fear not nor now abide.

if you see me leaping shouting “Glory! Glory!”
know He’s near and dear to me this very day
come and follow oh I’ll take you to the Savior
and you’ll leap and shout and sing :

“He is THE WAY!”

there’s no other like the Christ
He’s the Messiah
oh Yeshua is ha Shem, oh Adonai

follow me???????????????????

oh we’ll live no more to sin
but to worship, love
and praise our God on high!


O how this heart of mine does ache
and needs to,
for still so much
is left to do ...

O, praise Thee, for
Thou hast made me
ever more and for
to please Thee.

two tree tales

*** *** *** *** ***
I never thought that I would be
a lovelier being than a tree.
But trees we hew and saw and burn,
with them we made the butter churn
and a thousand goods of a day now past...
But I was made and meant to last
and be built upon the Rock, you see,
and pass into eternity.

Planted like a tree whose leaf
will never fade, never to burn,
no need for sun, for light of moon
no dark of night, no death - no tomb.

When above in endless life,
with Christ who fought and won the fight
God gives us Heaven’s Rest,
We’ll rest in our Holy King.

Then we’ll love and live to love,
as we should live to love here now:
for God is never pleased with sin
and to love would teach us how,
Would we be humble, our knees to now bow(?).

Only here and now, below;
“life”: it seems to come and go
tossed like driftwood to and fro
upon rough rugged seas.

But when upon the rugged tree
Christ did finish all His work,
The "life" we lived was changed,
our destiny was unhinged
from death and corruption
and the Life God is was given back
to those who trust in Him.

You Need Him

When the hours have worn away
the strength I had at the break of day,
I’ll remind my soul:

“you need Him:
rest and worship now thy Maker,
rest in Him and pray.”

Early, early, afore the dawn,
strength renewed and sleep's now flown,
I’ll remind my soul:

“you need Him,
seek Him for that perfect Strength,
in thy weakness and in Him alone.”

When by noon and now a hungered,
I halt for meat to be sustained,
I’ll remind my soul:

“you need Him,
rest and with thanksgiving
offer praise for all His favor given.”

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