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Monday, November 04, 2019

On race and racism:

On race and racism:

I'm a "white" human being and 🚫 = to Michael Jordan, Ben Carson, Venus Williams or Candace Owens. I am one of a kind.

There are many black men and women who are far more accomplished than I am in their vocations and likely their avocations too. Our value in each others eyes is not equal. But in God's eyes we are all equally of such great value that He sent His only and uniquely begotten and most valued Son to forgive us no matter how short or long our rap sheet is. If we start with that humbling gift of undeserved love (we deserved to pay for our crimes), we ought to be able to forgive anyone and everyone. Yes, the world is difficult and God's will is not so often done here as it is in heaven, But we must go forward with that goal "as in heaven."

It is very unlikely we will be anyone's equal. Not even in our own families are we equal to our own siblings or cousins. Even if given exactly equal opportunities we cannot expect equal outcomes. And I don't believe we can give exactly equal opportunities. The world is to complicated for that. In the church we need to focus on regarding others as better than ourselves, as worthy of our blessing and our help and our LOVE. It is only when we make our lives a sacrifice for others that we begin to love as God loves us.