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Monday, June 26, 2017

Guides to Finding Your Place in Father’s House.

Guides to Finding Your Place in Father’s House.

1. No shooting bible verses from the hip. We cut peoples ears off and they cannot hear.  (both eyes swollen shut, bumper sticker religion)
2. Embrace disappointment and die quietly. Don’t bleed (crocodile tears) all over people.
3. Learn to accept the word “NO.” God is a FATHER. Can’t fake it with Abba.
4. If you pout when you are left out you will be puffed up when you are let in. Peter, James and John went up with Jesus and the nine were left below. Be where God places you, don’t trespass, don’t be AWOL.
5. Refuse to allow yourself to become the center of attraction. Don’t try to get it or try to get it back.
6. Like 5, Be conscious when there is no air in the room for anyone else.  “Enough about me, how do you like my new book?”
7. You are not the whole the whole the loaf, you are only one slice, pure humility (I need the whole body). Humility comes through humiliation. In humiliation I see myself as one slice not the whole loaf. (Denominations as slices not loaves)
8. Always, Always, ALWAYS see yourself as a STEWARD not an owner. Similar to 7. Aircraft carrier captain like God. But if he thinks he owns the boat…
9. Fly no false banners, don’t create false images. Dr. Bob, not even a nurse. (flattery must be rejected).
10. Cease all competition, cease all envy. Let your gift make a way for you. THAT is what will bring you honor in the Kingdom.

IQ ~ EQ ~ SQ

IQ. ! INTELLECTUAL Christianity will not keep you.

EQ. ! Be what God intends you to be without pretense, a steward of His grace and the gift He has made you to be for His will and pleasure.

The Spiritual Quotient will advance when I embrace ridicule, being misunderstood, being mocked, and rejected. Enduring emotional conflicts which will humiliate and will serve to humble me. Humility is essentially the thing we lack the most, and the thing we need the most to become SPIRITUAL children of God with an eternal spiritual quotient.