Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dear Muslim Terrorist,

Dear Muslim Terrorist,

Jesus the Son of God is the way to God.

You say Jesus is a prophet. If you kill a person who follows Jesus, surely they will go to join Jesus where He lives! Don’t God’s prophets live with God Himself? Why would you kill a Christian when he or she would certainly go home to Jesus in God’s House? Every child of Christ’s Father goes to heaven when they die, no matter by old age or by your own sword.

You may say that Christians worship another Jesus than the Jesus you trust. This is true. Jesus own words show that He is not the Muslim Jesus. Jesus never sinned, never. He was born of a virgin and rose from the dead by the power of God. He said “I AM the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father except by me.” Jesus taught His own to pray “Our Father in heaven, you name be kept holy…”  

Sadly your ‘allah’ is not a father and does not a have father. And so it is said “‘allah’ has no son or need of a son.” What then does ‘allah’ have? Aren’t you the children of ‘allah?’ Aren’t you his sons and daughters?  

To be in the world with no father is to be greatly disadvantaged. Who will teach a fatherless boy to become a man?

God called Abraham to leave his family and nation.  Abraham left and God made Abraham the father of nations and multitudes. Ishmael was a son of Abraham. Abraham was Ishmael’s father. And God who made all things is not Abraham’s and Ishmael’s Father?

God desired many sons and daughters to be His eternal children. God made heaven and earth. He made Adam and Eve and from them billions of children have been born into the world. All of them were born of women because a father put in his seed. Is God who arranged all this and ensured it continuing to this very day, is He not the Father of it all?

God is a Father. God is a God who does miracles. Who can stop God from sending sunlight and rain? Who can tell God that He does not have a Son? Who can stop God from doing what He wants when and as He pleases?

Muslim Terrorist, you are incensed when any man or woman dares to blaspheme ‘Muhammad.’ Where is the outrage against those who insult God? Muhammad was a man like you, even like me. But Jesus never sinned, never. He was born of a virgin who received seed from heaven. That is the truth, and it is the saving faith of Christians. It saves us from hell.

Seek the true God with all your heart. God cares about all people. All lives matter to Him. Yours too. Seek God until you find Him. He will then be a good and honorable Father and a friend to you! 

Dave Severy

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