Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Oh the Humanity/Hypocrisy !!!!

March 4, 2015 Yesterday (3/3/2015) on the NBC morning show “Today” two stories caught my attention. One was the new controversy regarding the presidential portrait of Bill Clinton painted by Nelson Shanks. Shanks states he used a blue skirt to create the shadow to Clinton’s right, your left in the portrait, and that this dress was suggestive of Monica Lewinsky’s famous blue dress which Bill Clinton infamously stained with his own semen. The so very unbiased Al Roker said of the matter that Shanks should “shut up and paint.” The so very unbiased Tamron Hall accused the painter of editorializing and all agreed that Shanks was a biased source… on the subject of HIS OWN WORK! The painter also painted Clinton’s left hand without his wedding band, a matter previously noted in the press and media.


the Today Show team turned on a dime and went to town congratulating Curt Schilling for his courage and zeal which he demonstrated in defending the honor of his young daughter who was savaged in “Tweets” by his enemies. Schilling, a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, was involved in the Major League doping controversy several years ago and made some enemies of those he accused of doping. Those enemies set about to demean and shame his daughter with outrageous, profane and lewd “tweets.” The Today Show cried foul and foul it is! But why would they castigate these tweeting bullies after bullying the artist for his use of the first amendment freedoms and comments about his own artistic choices and intentions?

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