Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What if… D. B. S. June 2009

One day Father God seemed agitated and even a bit unnerved… or so it seemed to the angels. Some thought God looked different than He ever had before. They were themselves very concerned and they let the Holy Spirit know. He went to Father.

“Hallowed Father,” said Holy Spirit, “the angels are concerned. They say You don’t seem well.”

“What? I? Not well? I AM just fine. Never better!” He said. (And it truly is impossible for God to be better than He IS!)

“Yes, I knew as much,” said Holy Spirit. And so with a very Holy chuckle He went to reassure the angels that Father was as tip top as ever.

“The angels are concerned for me,” thought Father, “imagine that!”

As Jesus upheld all the universe by His Word’s great power Father looked on. “It would be nice to do something good for the angels,” Father mused and He began to deliberate. “Let me see… what I might make or even change for their entertainment. And where can I find the needed things?”

And so He began to examine the things of Their universe for Ideas. There was so very much to examine! He started searching in the galaxies, the stars and the heavenly bodies. They were all wonderful and well. The novas and super novas were all noving along superbly! The spiral galaxies just whirled round like tops! All the solar systems were orbiting in order. Their suns were illuminating at very acceptable levels. He checked out all His Laws of nature; all was well! Gravity was pulling its weight. Thermodynamics were operating very steadily; they always were a temperate bunch. There was just the right hotness, coolness, coldness and freezing off of your buns everywhere. One by one the legal systems and operations ledgers of all that was made were found to be in good, yea even in perfect order. And earth, ah yes! Earth was Covered.

“Well, I’m not surprised,” thought Father, “My Son has forever and always been the Epitome, the Veritable Zenith of Competence.”

“Jesus!” Father called out, “You are so dependable and stalwart. You don’t seem to mind exerting Your great power at all! Day by day, day in and day out You really ‘carry the ball’ so very well.”

Jesus replied “I love to do so just exactly as You have desired it to be done. It gives me my greatest joy to please You.”

“Everything is working together perfectly and You are certainly to be credited with this success,” said Father as He enjoyed the fruits of His faithful One. “Son, what is there that I might do for the angels? They have been worried about me; can you believe it? Can you suggest anything I might do, or something I might give them? I love them each and all so very much.”

Jesus noticed a quite lively twinkle in Father’s eye as He replied, “Everything We have is theirs too, and as We want for nothing, so it is that they also want for nothing.”

“Yes, it is true,” Father agreed. “But there is one thing…” He paused.

“Yes,” said the Lord.

Suddenly Father looked on His Son with an Enormous, Deep Love and Tremendously Intense Affection-- it was truly Profound. It seemed that Holy Spirit left every corner of the universe to be Entirely Present with Them. Both Jesus and Holy Spirit were stirred to Their Core. So Powerful in the Beauty of His Holiness was Father in this moment that it called Them to respond in just the same Way. Their Awesomeness began to unfold; it was Dreadful… but in a Good Way!

The Power, the Glory, the Majesty of God Most High, of God the Son and Savior, and of God the Eternal Spirit was being manifold magnified. Love was there, The Word Alive, God by all His Name, and something new was truly on Father’s Mind.

Everywhere the angels sat upright, ceasing from their joyful duties. Was something different? Yes. And the effect was energizing. Except for the Unity of God, the Perfection of His Will and the Soundness of His Mind, the Power of God in this new thing could have just flattened and obliterated the entire physical universe.

Jesus looked upon His Father. The Holy Spirit looked upon Them Both. The angels held their peace; almost as one they fell on their faces toward the Throne of the Almighty. Heaven was silent (for how long this writer dares not say).

If they were able to see Them, the angels would have seen a Joy unspeakable and full of Glory which may never have been revealed in such a way till that moment. God was doing a new thing! The Father seemed near to speaking. The Son looked all ears. Holy Spirit beamed out, just plastering the Throne Room with a depth of Peace very rarely seen, or rather felt, for the angels, from the nearest to those in the furthest reaches of heaven and earth, all felt His Love and Peace wash over them, lavishing them with Waves of Joyous Power.

It is just not possible to describe well the advent of this new thing. Had a man seen God in that moment he would have been so overcome by the blessing, it is difficult to imagine the effect on him. I dare say such a man might not remain in his flesh and blood.

Both Jesus and Holy Spirit could have made a confident guess as to what this new thing was, if They were the kind who guessed at things (as this writer does here).

If ever our Father had reason to be agitated or unnerved, or rather if it were ever even possible for Him to be so, it might only be by this singular new thing, this very thing of which He would soon, even now, speak.

“Go, My Son, go!”

Father’s utterance was more than a shout, better than a lion’s roar, it was full of all His Joy and Goodness. It was also grounded with a Soberness and a Graveness that caused all heaven to tremble. It had the sound of myriads of thunders.

It was clear to all what this new thing was and what it meant. Every corner of heaven heard the Decree. How the angels wanted to stand, to cheer and to dance, but not just yet!

“Go again to the earth We have fashioned, go amongst the people We have made in Our Image. Go to the People called by Our Name, who are waiting for You, and crying out to Us, for this their Day and all our great Joy. Go and bring the church Your Bride , bring her up to Us! It is time!”

Every pillar was shaking as Father now spoke once more.

“Go, begin and bring in the End of all things! Go again My Beloved Son!”

And then a shofar sounded out the like of which had never ever been heard before. Jesus smiled a Smile that could have in one instant cheered forever all that have ever lived on earth; it was certainly the Smile of a King. And He went again.