Thursday, January 08, 2009


Praise: An Instrument of War

Lord I praise thee,
thy glory so great and good.
Nothing I can see compares to thee,
Enthroned in thy realm above.

Father thou art worthy
Of all the power and praise
So willingly, gladly we give all to thee;
Thy anthem toward heaven we raise.

Spirit of Holiness near to us,
Thanks be for thy power and grace.
None like unto thee has been or will be,
None e’er shall take thy place.

We have never at all deserved
The victory for us thou hast won.
Except that thou hast made us for love
And redemption in thine Only Son.

Our weak and erring flesh, it wanes,
While within the depths of our souls
You form the image and likeness of Him
And this is our high and best goal.

Thou who watches for Isreal
And never slumber or sleep,
Keep thy eye on these sparrows
The apples of thine eye, keep.

When, for peace and for safety,
The unbelieving call aloud,
We need not fret or shrink from that Day
Thou leadest thy flock wholly out.

Our end is ever the better one
For thou hast prepared it for us.
What loss will the unbelieving receive
Who had never learned thee to trust.

O Great God and Savior,
Lord Jesus be thy Holy Name,
Draw more to the cross and by thy kind love
To the worshipping throng above.

Mankind thou made in thy image,
Thy likeness for e’er to become.
We were made for love and made to love
And were made by Love to be one.

Without the grace of salvation
The soul is forever lost.
That grace is the free gift from heaven
For which Jesus paid all the cost.

The story so plain and straight forward
The unlearned can easily say:
Now is the time, the acceptable time
For salvation today is the day.