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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my seasons

MY SEASONS Sept. 8, 2004

Fall draws near, that part of the year
he told me “the trees go to rest.”
As yellows and reds above my head
fall to the ground and are lying…

the dying I fear, is next in the year
when winter winds come sighing,
and clouds, often gray, and low all the day,
and few the birds be flying.

The cold and the freeze, Lord forbid us the sneeze,
can be bitter and trouble and woe.
My flesh is rare pleased as the nip in the breeze
tells of shoveling ……….shoveling snow.

Then spring makes its splash, with a shout and a dash
as glory and splendor do race,
bringing good cheer and a place in the year
to Thank our great Savior for grace.

The thaw has begun, sure.. thanks to the sun,
which was spoken by God and appeared;
and planting is made, and foundations are laid—
it’s my favorite time of the year.

Tis done all too soon, then in heat we do swoon
when summer does brightly affirm; that
for bread we must sweat, midst our sin and our debt,
and creation travails as we learn,

of God, who is love, and who guides from above
till we’re reaped like the crop in the field.
Our few days are spent, best in them repent
to our Rock, our strong tower and shield.

As fall again greets us, summer it meets
with the diurnal turn of the pole;
and crops taken in by the bushel and bin
bless the faithful, though hungry, dear souls.

All through the year God is so near
to the one who will fear Him as Lord.
As Father and Son, who with Spirit are One,
who is patient and kind and will not leave behind
the dear Soul who willingly comes,
and a trembling bows low,
to Him who does know
each one... and He calls us by name.