Tuesday, November 01, 2005

two new poems

Clear Eyed

They call window to my soul my eye.
And it needs so very much, more as I die,
To be able and pure, and like
Your clear Eyes.

What I see, both inside of me,
And though my window does trouble me,
I’m afraid not that I see too clearly,
But that I look so much

My eye is open, but rarely truly clear,
And that I do fear
Is a matter on which You have spoken,
And every so clear is Your Speech.

The mote and the beam, and what may be seen
Do seem to have set men in motion,
The things that we do and our ideas of truth
Have room to improve in devotion to You

But try as I might and I do,
Though weakly and very to much in frequently,
The smudges and filth,
Laying there at my sills, I often let hinder my view.

Messiah, Oh Clear Eyed One,
Such distance I see looking out from my soul
It must be traveled each day until Thy Day,
Should be eased by expelling my doubt,
And the sins of sheer pride that roil inside,
On the window to my soul.

Not only in me, but in others I see,
The lacking of clearness forebodes,
That my judgments of men, and the love You command,
And the change you must find in our souls,
Are works yet not been made perfect.

© copyright 2006 d. severy



Should you be surprised
If God responds to you:
According to the manner
Of the things you did and do?

Does it make you angry
And even paranoid:
That One whom you can’t see is there
Whom no one shall avoid?

Everyone must face Him,
And everyone has thoughts
About the whys and wherefores
Of Jesus and the cross.

Children know that God is love
Before they learn their speech
And gurgle out their songs of praise
We should listen as they teach.

Joyful in their glory
His image yet unmarred by
Devil’s will and cruel deceit
In knowledge of the lie.

To become as little children
Is what our God commands,
For their’s, so great an innocence
Does please the Son of Man.

He rides above the heavens
And rules the open seas,
But still has love for sinners lost
Who now do boe their knees.

His invitation still goes out
To them both far and near
To chosen Jew and gentile
Day and month and year.

Give humble adoration
and all sincere respect
Be yet brave, and cower not, in honesty give all you’ve got
He will bestow no regret.

© copyright 2006 d. severy


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