Saturday, December 03, 2005


1. Courage
2. nineeleven
3. I Would
4. Hated
5. The LIFE
7. jars of clay
8. change


I must have courage to face this,
The Day has dawned
and everything has changed.

The days gone by have left their mark
upon my outer man.
Yet inside, deep within
I am also marked by that which has been,
still it is, and still I may be freed.

Free to see reality, to know Truth,
to see clearly, to be without confusion,
to see with an uncompromised eye:
what is and why.

The limits are taken away.
All my capacity is available
because life with courage permits
effort without vanity.

Let obstacles come, for testing nurtures
inner strength and strength of the inner
man must grow. Courage is for strength,
and strong I need to grow.

Let interest accrue to that Deposit in my soul
which is made for a possession
in the future,
the possession is the Future.

I am a deposit in an account.
I am a portion of an inheritance.
I am a coin in Another Realm.
I am an expectation of another Will.
I am beloved of God, and the joy of the Lord is my Strength.


Yesterday I was the plumber
you did not want to call;
yesterday I was his teacher,
caught him running in the hall.
Everyday I’ve been your neighbor,
we talked about baseball...
but now it is tomorrow,
can’t go back before their fall.

Last week you shopped for Niecy,
she needed things for school,
the weekend came, we rested.
It went too fast for you.
And Monday came way too soon,
found me feeling kinda blue...
but now it is tomorrow.
What next will they do?

Everybody’s askn’ why
they chose to hurt and kill us
on that sunny day.
And when the next attack will come,
and where these evil men were from.
I really do not know at all, my friend,
if I can ever say.

But this I’ll say, I will :

Put your trust in Jesus,
and love your neighbor well.
Treasure more the hours,
how many none can tell,
of life, it may be long or short-
‘sfor sure we all will die.
It was horror at the towers fall,
but dear ones don’t you cry.

It’s been said many times,
I’ll say it once again:
“It’s how you play the game that counts,
not if you lose or win.”
The things that now are coming,
come not from men alone;
God’s hands and angels guiding
will surely guide us home.

We’re citizens of heaven
or denizens of hell,
some say the which from which
only God can truly tell.
But what men say and do in life,
speak volumes in God’s ear,
So choose your steps with wisdom
and to Jesus draw most near.

I Would

Can I ever, will I ever, may I ever?
Ever I would be changed.
Seems, it would be easier; better we know
“... if it is with difficulty that the righteous is saved,
what will become of the godless man or sinner?”

An end approaches,
can’t avoid... so don’t deny,
Lay over and onto the Strength
who alone can bear us up,
the Pilot who knows.
We know well enough that we alone cannot.

Ignorance fading in Light
as the bliss of Truth’s baptism
brings foundation and completion,
promises sure for infinite being.

“For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form,
and in Him you have been made complete,
and He is the head over all rule and authority.”

Choosing sides, and distilling from greyness
that which endures and assures,
a trust beyond time and times, yet
still.. a Trust for today.

“...they hated me first...”

Why so hated, these?
Why no place? O please...
do not fault me for my birth.
Who among us chose this earth?
One day I did awake and here I was
and came to know some Art beyond
was reason for my being;
and perhaps someday I might be seeing
just why it was I did appear
in time, in space, said day, said year.
But why, o neighbor, can you tell,
Am I now so hated like as cast to hell?

Why so hated am I now?
Because my soul to Him I bow?
Am I not one free, like you?
to choose my Master and be true
to that which He alone can teach
of Heaven’s Life, for which I reach?

What threat is He, this Man to you?
Why it’s as if you really knew,
that what is said of Him is so!
The Bible, Word, does it not show
He truly lived and will return
His wheat to gather, chaff to burn?

Does Christ’s faith expose your sin?
And show up every snare and gin
of habits evil, more than you know,
and flaws in what you say and sow?

Discomfited by what you hear and see?
Should this be cause to hate a man like me?
We’ve all done evil, every one —
that’s why God has Sent His Son:
to take and bear away our sin,
that on the Day of entering in,
He will welcome those who meekly now,
while yet on earth below do bow.

Perhaps what you hate is the limited choice:
it’s clacketty clang... or heaven’s Voice,
the devils and flames, or eternal love
which sweetly beckons from above.

Oh that God grant ears to hear
and hearts would turn from fright to the cheer
of a future of hope... free of all harm
craving, fearing, tears and alarm.

By His Sovereign Grace, which no man deserves,
we’ll rise to His Kingdom, forever to serve,
to worship and praise God in bliss
How is it, o, that I’m hated for this?

(John 15:18-25)


Oh, young man, there will be times in your life
when the turmoil and strife will seem insane.
As the days wax toward the end of all things (it’s at hand),
and some days will dark as the night.

So ready yourself in the Lord’s armor,
show yourself approved unto God.
Learn to watch, and to pray-
to stay your whole mind and life on Jesus and his word.

Oh, young woman, be aware,
that the things that some dare
and do
bring much sorrow and pain to their lives.
Seeds sown in an hour
have a lifetime of power.
If they sprout they may grow and bear fruit.

Oh, boys and girls life is long, so live!
Live and grow and be strong: using strength
not for evil, but for good. And learn to
KNOW God’s dear voice, then you will make
the right choices, and be safe
and live life as all should.

“Our battle is not against flesh and blood,”
But against the Satan, against his boastful lie.
To our enemies we give love, to them we do good.
But the devil we do war with God’s host.


WORSE, worse than six others
is this primal beast. Conceit:
unbridled, yet cast surely down;
where it murmurs and seems still to roar,
the enemy of all quiet.

VEXING the very pure of heart, vexing
hard is this primal beast. Braggart:
puffed and prating to its fall
it fell to vexing every man
and tries the more to wreck every heart.

NONE, no part was found
of this primal beast in Him. Folly:
enamored of self, still clamors
for the Victory, yet is once forever fully
deprived of all its lust by Him.

STAY NOW thy soul upon this Conqueror
of the primal beast !!! Hypocrisy:
its experience is now and ever doomed,
and ever failing in its “success”: "to
steal away a soul, bitterly".

STAY and BUILD upon this Rock who will
annihilate the primal beast !!! Pride:
the first of seven and all sins other,
all frauds, filth and lusts. Thy ROCK
will give thee VICTORY and more besides.

Jars of clay

Jars of clay, earthen vessels,
Lit within by HOLY Light,
Filled with oil from the Master
For our journey through the night.
Part! from worldly ways and wonders,
Cleave to heavens Holy Groom,
Think not oft of days now over,
Live today in God’s throne room.
Walk now quietly before Him,
Seek His guidance day by day,
Remember, dear one, now and always
Christ is Life, Truth and God’s Way.
Make the path of Him your own now,
Put your feet in His lovely shoes,
Walk in His obedient footsteps
To let the world see His Good News.
He has saved you for His purpose,
Weary not in doing this,
All have need to taste His goodness,
Love your neighbor, brother kiss.
Stumble not at His command,
It’s no grief to do His bidding,
He promises the New Jerusalem.
Remember the day of God’s Salvation, 
The cross...
Where John and Mary stood.
There Christ gave them each the other,
John and Mary: son and mother,
Giving, as He only could.
Jesus came and died and saved us
From hell’s death and punishment,
From the grave He rose and gave us
Each the other back again.
Though the breaking may seem painful,
O! the Light!!! the sweet release!!
God our Light lights all the house now,
Shining out Christ’s perfect peace.
Let your light shine, earthen vessel,
Though fearful ones will run and flee,
Pursue them not except in God’s love,
That they may find eternity.
Know ye not ye are the Temple
Of God our blessed Holy Ghost?
Christ now in you, the hope of glory,
Trim your wick and let the candle
Be lit alway by God’s own Hand
Join your brothers, sisters, mothers
Following Christ to
Beulah Land !!!!!!! 

© 2006 by David Severy

Pro 20:27 The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.


change your mind
you are not alone
your need is great
and many are like you
think outside all the boxes
take your thoughts from the truth

change your actions
so must we all
our need is great
and many stumble as we do also
act according to the better angels
take your cues from their master

change your place
if only all would avail
of the greatest gift
to receive of him
and be translated
from death to life

Friday, December 02, 2005

Book IX

1. Now and THEN
2. Gently, Pray
3. after the afterfall He's afterall
4. Priority
5. Pilgrim's Prayer
8. wait...

Now and THEN

Pay attention to Jesus,
Do so more each day.
Think of the Gift God offered up
To make for you a Way.

To return in Life to the Father,
Almighty Ruler of all;
To escape eternally dying the death
That will not saints befall.

Jesus is He who does love you
Like no other man, woman or child.
Yet He must punish the ones who will not
Receive Him, the lamb so meek and so mild.

He stepped right out of Glory
And into this world for you,
Do well and read of HIStory
Do repent and do: evil eschew.

What greater goal can a man set before him
Than to please the one who fashioned his soul?
And joy in the God who made him a vessel
To hold the Spirit of Life.

DON’T, my friend, too easily cast
These few, but grave words to the wind,
Consider the end to which we all come,
And what will happen then.

O Gently, Pray

Nature’s law seems so ill thought of,
Earth and sky and sea so wrought
In beauty by the largest hands,
The hands of Him who’s called the Son of Man.

We dig, blast and defoliate,
And pour concrete in by the ton.
We build up to the sky and cloud
Glassy, stony, steely mountains.

We think we need them, tho for what
I really can’t determine, but
Surely know that more will come
And scrape the clouds before man’s done.

And men will never quit, you know
To try to make life "better," so
Their flesh will not be o’er exposed
To cold wind, rain and snow.

God help?!
that drought
Should find them out.........
of doors!

It’s plain to see that nature’s worth
Is lesser prized than in yesteryear.
Machines to work, as did men’s hands,
Do more to change the lands.

O pray that men might gently move
The things found in their way;
That carefully they might survey
And thoughtfully to improve.

after the afterfall He's afterall

To turn a phrase, to bend around,
or square a thought and build upon
the vapor of a tidy word,
and weave a gilded filigree
to please the ear of modern man,
I dare not give to such a plan.

The moderns take themselves for gods,
divine within their metaphysick,
cursed ills of strong desire
rule their flesh bound appetites.
No mystery to spot a Mod,
who sputters speech like untamed static,
ever immersed in sins dark mire,
not aware the Holy Fire
could lift him from his plight.
Plight of maddening variances,
thoughts he comes to seem as chance,
like how he thinks the worlds were made,
as accidents without a hand
or mind or thought for what now is,
no right, no rule, no far foresight,
only lonely “randomness”...

The sand upon a thousand shores
has more order than he affords.
The molecules of H2O
show more wisdom than he knows.
The sky above the earthen shore,
the hidden deep, the mountain ice,
and death’s sure curse for Adam’s meal,
the entropy of men and all in motion,
all will show the eye that sees:
natures law once wrought by God.
He has offset their primal course
to chasten us in life, that we might cease
from evil ways and from all earthly strife.

So much history, should it not reveal the mystery
to the one who thinks about life’s ironies?
How is it that man, so elevated above his fellow creatures,
lives at a level of dishonesty so far below their honest natures?
Dogs and cats are less corrupt than we.
It’s said we are post or post post modern now by some,
Can’t we see the sham? Its sum
is reaching heavens shore with lies
piled higher up the earth’s blue skies.
Have mercy on us God. Illuminate the Mod.


Bobby wanted for the grace
to paint himself a masterpiece.
Those who paint them might desire
the grace to sing or play the lyre,
and they who strum might want a drum,
to bang out praise all day.

Yet like Mary I would be,
and find the Master, and at His feet
I’d sit with Him, and there be free.

Grant O Lord, Thy Soveriegn Will,
be that I’d not feign but now be still,
to learn and to practice Thy Pure Love,
to hear Thy wisdom from above,
from Father and Christ His Son.

PILGRIMS PRAYER /March 1, 2005

O God, sustain me in repentance for Thy pleasure,
Create a heart in me that will not faint.
You alone are Good, and all Your Goodness so Gracious.
May my every deed become those of the saint.

There is no other Way on earth I wish to travel,
no other path leads where we want for me to go;
You are everything, all other ways are nothings
To ways not of You I say NO.

Oh lead me on, lead me Lord
To the New Jerusalem
Where the cloud of witnesses
And I will join Your praise

Oh do not spare thy rod, do not
O Lord, but exercise Your care
So very necessary
For the journey that I’m on.

I’ll willing endure all things ahead
On this road I take to Calvary;
There to die for You each day, childish things now put away
Faith to faith and all to glory, Lord let it be.
There is now the road to take from Calvary.
It leads me as for Peter.

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, When thou wast young, thou girdest thyself, and walkedst whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not. John 21:18


There’s a well of life above
the thirsty find replete.
They gather at this well of Love
there the Lord to meet.
Poured out, this well of Love,
to the thirsty soul of man,
was the water therein
for whosoever will drink.

He giveth o so freely
and tenderly His care.
With the sheep of His great passion
all good things He shares.

O the Lord: His name is Jesus :
Anointed Savior King,
if you put your hand in His right now
and come along and sing...

….you too, my friend, can know Him
in His Power of Love and His Grace,
and in that Day soon coming
you will see Him face to face.

If your sorry for your sins,
would no more a sinner be,
trust God and learn begin to obey Him,
He will set your spirit free.

O let’s worship our dear Father
in heaven far above,
He’s waiting for so many more
to come to the His Son of His love.

It’s the Love of God in Jesus Christ,
not “bread alone” we say;
won’t you turn to Him right now,
my friend
and surrender all and pray.


Shall I take some time to weep
for my days gone by?
It’s over, they are gone.
Full of self and sin’s deceit
they were, they’re over.

Present needs
are better for tears, as many
are not yet within the Gate,
the Straight gate,
their days of death not over yet.

I must go to tell them
of His Love -
It’s forever.
I shall weep and sow the precious seed,

He is all, and all in all in whom He dwells,
His life is forever.
His life’s blood, shed unto death, and yet
His rising: life!
His, the power of an endless life!
O wipe away tears for self, and pray
with tears for those
who dally near and far,
who observe with trepidation, and as foolishness
their need to change their ways.

With tears, pray for them
that mock the erring souls of those
who stumble in forgiven,
who though fearing still seek His face,
though cumbered with their habits foul.

And pray tears for those mocked,
(as if the mockers knew at all God’s plans for them)
mocked for their “foolishness”
before the world, as it waits
for the revealings of the Lord.
Pray that we who stumble toward perfection
not stumble so much and so often.

And pray tears
for those who in their shining successes
are cut and clubbed
with the zealous envies and weapons real;
bleeding real red blood at the hands of Satan’s blinded servants.

Above all pray.


What will your attitude be as
you wait to die...
please pardon me as I pry into
your soul...

we are all waiting, you know...

and do we want to know where it is we will then go?

I so often ponder the madness we call “life”...
so full of strife, and at our own hands
is the blame well laid...
do you admit? your role in life,

is one of waiting, at least in part...

and wondering perhaps where you will go?

Would a closer examination of our waiting
quiet us,
or is this great uncertainty
the very cause of our
peaceless times?

What can I, what can any do to ease your burden
as you wait...

As you wait to die, to go

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Book X

1) "Try Me, He said..."
2) Beware
3) Him
4) All you need....
5) visitor
6) haiku

"Try Me, He said..."

I've no reason to be but for the Voice of reason.
Reasonably told, I am of greater than myself.
And greatest joy is living for the Day.
Questions may remain, yet Answers prevail.

Get the message I got for your own priceless treasure.
Apples fall close to the tree and they always fall down.
Stuff happens........ for reasons we dont always see.
Reasons are from steady Reason.

Law holds the moon, why not me?
It holds my mind to reality.
Good thing too, I ran away from it all, too many times.
Hurt it did, too. Dont recommend it.

Try Reason. Reason won't hurt, except at first.
But skin thickens, pride effaced allows Reason room.
Let Reason be reasonable and see.
See what selfless, effortless, Reason will do for you.

Reason will lead you.
Reason will hold you.
He will heal your broken parts.
With skill, in tranquility, and forever.


Beware, my friend today deceits of sin.
They will tear you into pieces limb from limb.
Be it shark or roaring lion,
to snuff you out the devil's trying.
Without Jesus, Lord, your chances they are slim!!!!!

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After it has all been crushed and all the fight has left your bones and nothing remains to lift your face but God's only Son;
Remember that He was crushed as are you, felled like a tree to the earth where you lie, and remember for you He was sent, came and died, and in such a cruel manner, they call crucified,
nailed to some wood from a tree on a day when His brothers were honoring God
in a way, and his foes were standing there watching Him bleed. Forgave them He did, this Abraham's seed, this Son of King David, this tower of Strength,
veiled in His mystery, yet He whom at length, would appear again living, to start and amaze the ones who had followed Him,
to bless them again who had been as crushed with Him,
who would yet, many, be crushed just like Him.

Remember that you who yet live in the flesh, are as dead in your sins, lest you have in you breath, breathed by His Spirit, power from on High.
Remember His crushing death. And remember the tomb, colder and darker than the earth where you lie; and then
REMEMBER the morning first day of the week and Mary, whose Gardener did turn to her speaking, one word: "Mary."
Hear Him call to you. He has come to you from the tomb, alive again.
To heal you. To make you soar with Him.
To give you the very substance of His Life everlasting.
And the Joy, the everlasting Joy, and exceeding gladness of His own self,
His presence, to cheer you to a victory by your faith.
Be not afriad. Only believe,
for all things
are possible
with God.


All you need is LOVE

The words I remember are few,
I wish I had written them I do,
They made a big splash,
and a whole lot of cash,
and were somehow found obviously true:


1 John 4:16And we have known and
believed the love that God hath to us.
God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.


breath away
the body cools
slowly loved ones leave his room
some are wondering on his wealth
some are thinking of their own health
few are saying,
"where he's now, what has happened anyhow?"

walk he did those many years,
leapt and ran and little feared...
expolited options as a man,
strong and rich in every plan,
yet sooner than he wanted it to
something hurtled into view

sometimes fast as lightening is
this weakness swallows busyness
strengths of yesterday now flown
the one who steady and full grown
had carved a fortress out of stone
has layed down head and died

visitor, why comest thou,
can't you see I'm busy, how
rudley you throw your baggage down
you act as if you wear a crown
up away begone now shoo
what ever is the matter you


We give birth each day
and make dying harder now.
The world is near full.

Book XI

1) living water
2) The Different Morning
3) Him
4) Emmaus..... and beyond
5) Thanksgiving Tribute
6) Song of a Town Crier at Thanksgiving Time


living water

living water, living water
flows from God’s Son, drink and live everyone
living water, living water
flows to the thirsty land

there is no price, there is no fee
God pours it out for you and for free

living water, living water
flows from God’s throne, unto His own.
living water, living water
flows from God’s throne for the dry and thirsty

a very Holy Flood from our Father above.
all from His love to you

living water, living water
precious and pure, immerse and be sure
living water, living water
water without which we die.

copyright © by david severy 2006

The Different Morning

“This is different.”

He said it, and for her it was not difficult to believe him. His anxiety was more than what she was accustomed to. It was contagious.

“They have done so many evil things. I have not told you the half of them, not even the tenth part.”

She began now to churn herself also inside. She was not a novice in life; her friends talked of what their husbands told them. But she never wanted to look deeper than was comfortable. Life has its daily troubles for everyone. Should she weigh everyone else’s too? But now, this time, she wanted him to go on. It was different. She knew it. Everyone did.

“They bribed one of his friends. They need everything to make it look kosher, but it can never be. This is different.”

He thanked her for the bread and tea. The sun was just beginning to wear down the chill of the night. It would be a clear day, a bright day.She sat beside him, and waited for him to continue. She did not speak, she knew he would. She knew when matters had to be spoken, and a wife who would not betray his confidence was something she knew he valued.

“We have watched him for some time. Abdiel saw the start of this in Nazareth. He speaks differently than the Rabbis. He makes us afraid.”

His pauses were becoming more pronounced. They were framing the story that was shaking their souls.

“He doesn’t let us live as we would. He says it, and we are naked in our own eyes. Why he has not been harmed more before now I don’t understand. It offends so many, what he says. But I have never heard him lie. It seems the truth has become our enemy.”

She knew this too. The gossip about this one was different. Different; everything was different. Others might not see it, but to them, to a religious family, and to their circle, every thing was different. She waited patiently.

“Abdiel told me, he told me he too was filled with rage against him. Just caught up in it, like a leaf in a whirlwind he told me. They drove him to the brow of the cliff, and would have thrown him from it. But then… where was he? Abdiel says he disappeared. After a moment they turned and saw him walking away, as if nothing had happened. How does he do it? Everything is a puzzle unless…”

His consternation reached a peak.

“Dearest…” She sought to comfort him, yet the pleading for him to continue she could not hide.

“…God is in this!”

The thought was completed. Yet was it not just so? They all thought so. They at least all wanted it to be so... sometimes.

The times were hard for the people.

They were comfortable, the religious. Their place was secured by their place with the people. Their standing as Rabbis gave them clout with Rome’s men. They did not shy away from the opportunities it opened to them. Therein was the madness that he despised. The evils that they accomplished were unspeakable; unspeakable if one would retain his place with the council. The silence he had kept was daily the heaviest of all his weight to carry.

But the times were hard for the people. Taxation was their burden, and the occupation.

He had brought into their world so much hope. To the people who desired simply to be comforted in their burdens, his words alone were marvelous. But his works… his works were dare they say it? His works were proof. He was from God.

“This man is God’s man Moselle, God’s man. Gamaliel says so. And I agree. It cannot be otherwise. And so, why? Why do we want him to go, to disappear? Why do we want God’s man to be silent? Why does his speech offend us? Why can we not receive him? What is it about him? But…”

Another pause, this one a beam laid in the frame for their souls. Ironic, as frames should be strong and unshakeable. This story has two sides, they all do. But one side is strong, and the other shaken.

Her silence waited.

“…it is us. We are not right in this thing. Something is happening to us, it is more than we know. More than I know. I see it, and even clearly at times, but I am afraid of it. I close my eyes to it; for I can neither have it all as it is, nor forbid it at all to be as it is. He is just beyond us; he just is different, so different. They hate him for it. The people follow him, and they hate him. They have lost their power with the people. Oh what the light he brings shows us of our selves. It is not good. Our leadership has not been by God’s word. He would not lead, were we God’s leaders. Oh my wife this is painful beyond the telling…”

His silent countenance screamed out. She admired his frankness, but she feared the consequences. Yet not of his words; it was their portent, for the thing had an end to it, and end that was ominous indeed. A man had been betrayed. Her husband’s closest associates had fabricated his betrayal. And Nicodemus had watched as they made him guilty. And now their city was awakening to a day of reckoning. She was sure that this day would decide Yeshua fate.

copyright © by david severy 2006


After it has all been crushed and all the fight has left your bones and nothing remains to lift your face but God's only Son;
Remember that He was crushed as are you, felled like a tree to the earth where you lie, and remember for you He was sent, came and died, and in such a cruel manner, they call crucified,
nailed to some wood from a tree on a day when His brothers were honoring God
in a way, and his foes were standing there watching Him bleed, forgave them He did, Abraham's Seed, this Son of King David, this Tower of Strength,
veiled in His mystery, yet He whom at length, would appear again living, to start and amaze the ones who had followed Him,
to bless them again who had been as crushed with Him,
and who would yet be crushed quite like He was.

Remember that you who yet live in the flesh, are as dead in your sins lest you have in you breath breathed in by His Spirit, power from on High.
Remember His crushing death. And remember the tomb, colder and darker than the earth where you lie; and then
REMEMBER the morning first day of the week and Mary, whose Gardener did turn to her speaking, one word: "Mary."
Hear Him call to you. He has come to you from the tomb, alive again.
To heal you. To make you soar with Him.
To give you the very substance of His Life everlasting.
And the Joy, the everlasting Joy, and exceeding gladness of His own self,
His presence, to cheer you to a victory by your faith.
Be not afriad. Only believe,
for all things
are possible
with God.


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Emmaus..... and beyond
Teach me Lord how to pray,
Teach me Lord, what to say,
Teach me Lord, day by day,
How shall I walk in Thy Holy Way?



Thanksgiving Tribute

Many gods had I, and many other loves,

Passions filled my daily life, but none were from above.
Then one blessed day, came on the wings of a dove,
This One who filled my heart, soul and mind with Awe and Wondrous Love.

Your mercy never ends,

Your favor precious, Lord,
Your pardon for my sin sick soul,
Flows freely from your Word.

Yeshua, sweet compassionate One,

You O God, my heart have won,
Thank You God for Your Son.

Never was there one like You, nor will ever be,

A God so faithful to His Word, One so rich and free,
One who careth on and on, a God of liberty,
Who daily loads up all I need, and gives abundantly,
Who never fails to fill my cup, the One who died for me,
And rose up triumphing by LOVE, over every enemy.

Much had filled my life, like stones thrown in a well,

Lies poured out upon my ear, which none should ever tell.
Strife and anxiousness, walked by me everyday,
But suddenly came One from above to show a better Way.

So on in Victory, through fire and toil and flood,

My soul clings close to Calvary’s cross, for there was shed the Blood,
The Blood of God so pure, unlike any other man’s…
This poured upon the sin stained world, from God! from God alone, who alone did ...>>> !!!

!!! >>>... forgive by this One Deed, all they that ever harmed

Life and limbs of mortal men, I being one of them.
I’m one who God forgave, my many evil deeds,
And ransomed me from the devil's grasp for all eternity.

O hallelu Yah, Thank You Yeshua!

For Your mercy and great grace yet so undeserved.
And Thank You Father above for the love and forgiveness which
Stills Flows deep and pure to we who tread this earth…

O Praise and Thank You, O glory to You,

O let Your Name be ever heard
from every tongue and every tribe,
and people and nation, 
Ever now and forever........

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Song of a Town Crier at Thanksgiving Time

The starting point: ready, set, go ... that we know.
The Finish line ... we know not when...
all is discovery; mysteries are written
... in stone and in the wind.

Begun in innocence?
We may believe it is so, yet soon enough we
discover the cries of the infants
are ours also, and as our cries now, theirs will be.

Does the child’s query “Why?” ever die?
Fade it does as they are trained to forage and scheme.
Yet secret things whisper to us all in quieter times.
Will we hear them and search them out?

The paths of mystery run through the earth and life,
a certain end we see at a distance,
and we see others arrive there first, did they search?
Secrets discovered but kept we will not know.

Will we seek also?
Or will the maddening noise of our wheels
drive us, capture us, crush us? Somewhere
in the distance we will all be captured and crushed.

Time to smell the roses (and be thankful for them) is
taken captive by hunger pains and games, and by pride.
We push to thrashing for our agenda and advantage.
Our living is mostly maintenance.

We labor to live it well and long,
yet we reach the finish,
yet undone,
And to that mystery all do bow.

Beginnings and endings, turning, spinning,
shadows fall but the light returns.
Circles, cycles, days and years... starts and starting again,
all does end, are we are finished at our end.

Tomorrow we may die, and pleasure is commended, but
DEATH is the elephant in every room.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>....................................................... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I wrote this while waiting for a friend who was having maintenance done by a surgeon on his right eye. After I wrote it, I picked up a Time magazine, Sept. 30th, 2013. The cover article was:
Can Google Solve DEATH?
The richest man ever to live did commend both labor (maintenance?) and pleasure (enjoying the fruits of labor). And that man, Solomon, the third King of Israel, son of David and Bathsheba, also said to be the wisest man who ever lived, did also write, in better words than mine:

1 Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them”; 2 before the sun and the light and the moon and the stars are darkened and the clouds return after the rain, 3 in the day when the keepers of the house tremble, and the strong men are bent, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those who look through the windows are dimmed, 4 and the doors on the street are shut—when the sound of the grinding is low, and one rises up at the sound of a bird, and all the daughters of song are brought low— 5 they are afraid also of what is high, and terrors are in the way; the almond tree blossoms, the grasshopper drags itself along, and desire fails, because man is going to his eternal home, and the mourners go about the streets— 6 before the silver cord is snapped, or the golden bowl is broken, or the pitcher is shattered at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern, 7 and the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it. 8 Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher; all is vanity.
9 Besides being wise, the Preacher also taught the people knowledge, weighing and studying and arranging many proverbs with great care. 10 The Preacher sought to find words of delight, and uprightly he wrote words of truth.
11 The words of the wise are like goads, and like nails firmly fixed are the collected sayings; they are given by one Shepherd. 12 My son, beware of anything beyond these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.
13 The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. 14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.

Ecclesiastes 12

English Standard Version (ESV)