Saturday, December 10, 2005

Book II


1. I See
2. the greastest of these.......
4. REACH !
6. beauty
8. Meant To


I See

Jesus in Gethsemane
Sweating blood on bended knees

Jesus kissed by Judas now
A kiss betrays His fevered brow

Jesus picking up an ear
Wonders aloud why Him they fear

Jesus meeting Peter’s eye
Sees him leave with bitter cries

Jesus asked “Are you God’s son?”
Declares it so and His judging’s done

Jesus with Rome’s Governor
Telling gently why He was born

Jesus sent to Herod then
Silent, robed…. He returns again

Jesus scourged by Roman hands
Fulfilling prophecy’s demands

Jesus on the pavement next
Pilate looks for a pretext

Jesus comforts Pilate some
The man’s afraid, somewhat undone

Jesus stands as they cry out
“Crucify him, crucify him…”

Jesus… Pilate caving in
Fulfilling the law’s demands of sin

Jesus, garbed in my own clothes
Wearing insults, stripes and blows

Jesus bears the heaviest load
Down the Dolorosa Road

Jesus stumbles, Simeon nigh
Forced to help his Savior die

Jesus climbs the frightful hill
There His Holy Blood to spill

Jesus meek as any lamb
Naked, pierced in Feet and Hands

Jesus lifted up from the earth
Giving us our second birth

Jesus coat upon the ground
Despised the shame without a sound

Jesus speaks, lo, seven times
Words without a need of rhyme

Jesus promises the thief
New life with Him and no more grief

Jesus light has fled away
Comes the darkness at mid-day.

Jesus gives His Spirit up
Unto His Father... He’s drunk the cup.

Jesus riven is his tent
Like the Temple veil now rent

Jesus dead upon the cross
My precious hope ! at such cost!

Jesus pierced now once again
Water now on earth He sends

Jesus’ loved ones stand aghast
They thought His rule of love would last

Jesus’ friends now bury Him
The rich cool tomb He enters in

Jesus passes from human view
Almost as if they never knew……..yet

“Jesus, Jesus we saw You,
We touched You, we loved You…. Where are You?”

Jesus setting captives free
And taking captive captivity

Jesus preaching to those who slept
Before upon the earth He wept

Jesus, flashing, breaking out!
His disciples, filled with doubt,
See Him now, again, What’s this?
It’s Jesus, yes! It really is!!!!!


the greastest of these.......

I love Father and I love my enemy,
I love Jesus because he set me free:
to love all men, and neighbors
who knock upon my door,
and to clothe the naked and the poor...

I love God and the many now deceived,
Oh that they might hearken to His Voice,
That they might see Him as the Truth
and read the Words in red
and believe it all is just as he has said...

I love You Holy Spirit, Dear Spirit teaching me
How to be like Jesus, God my Savior
How to mortify my ill doings
How to speak the truth in Love
As I hear it spoken from heaven up above...

I love my brothers and sisters in the Lord,
Jesus is our Savior and our KING,
He sets us free from the power of sin
to love each as He loves
and end the dark of enmity...

I love You Jesus, You gave your all for me,
Your the bravest man that ever
it's more than we deserve
So I'll love you in endless eternity..........................
"...and now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."



He makes a way in the wilderness,
He makes a way where there is no other,
He’s the only way to the Father,
He’s the Way, the Truth, and the Life for all who believe.

He speaks the Truth to the inward part,
He speaks His Truth and there is no other,
He prays for you to His Father,
He’s the way, the Truth and the Life for all who believe.

He is Life and Love for the soul of man,
He came to give us Life abundant,
Let’s lose our self life and live in His Life
He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life for all who believe.

D. Severy Autumn 1996


REACH ! lifting up Holy hands without wrath or doubting

Reach above the idols of today.
They’re very short, put next to God our King;
They can do for you not anything,
But lead you from Him far away to stray.

Look o’er the top their heads of dry hard clay,
To the now and to horizon’s bounds,
And then beyond to Christ in Majesty,
To His throne where praise and laud resound.

Put away the makings of dead gods.
Lend the sound of your own speech to prayer.
Put away the stone and clay and wood,
Away! The tools that formed the things we’ve dared.

Our hands and minds have plied the elements
With brilliance that could come alone from God,
Yet all the glitter, glamour is pretense
‘Til mind and hand and head to God do bow.

From obelisk to gate of Babylon,
From images of totems of the north,
And images that now do speak and move!
From these now all hell’s evil does pour forth.

The landscape once so clean is littered now
With gods all false and purposed to distract.
Now men do worship these and to them bow
And plow and seed to reap not looking back

To see the Truth of God they’ve left behind,
Preferring self to Him and Good and right.
With thoughts of self for self by self in mind
They darkly with deceit do walk the night.

So reach above all idols e’re were graved
And look to Heaven’s heights where now does sit
One Alive Who Was Will Be And IS
Forever : God Alone : our God : no hand e’er made !



O Lord, what is man?
What have You wrought in us,
who bow before Your Throne,
who are Your very own,
we who believe in Your Word?

O God, please, who am I?
Yes Lord, hear my cry,
O, may I kiss Your Son,
I long that every battle be won,
I do believe in Your Word.

Once a man was with You,
in a way we’ve never known,
no sin had Adam done,
and even then the Victory was won.

Christ was our Victor,
before the world was made,
our Father had prepared the way,
for the dawn and our everlasting Day.

O thank You my God, my King,
to You my heart I bring,
make it the thing that pleases You.
Let every fiber there be True.

The world must fade from view,
as I patiently wait on You to
work Your Will and Pleasure in me,
to set me apart and make me free.

So gently do you carry me,
I often of your presence am unaware,
o that my heart would learn and be still
to behold You and know You my God.

Where are Your rivals, O God O King,
who has accomplished things you’ve done?
Who would dare to compete with you?
There is no person compares with Your Son.

A man in our likeness yet More than we are,
our God and our Savior, He came from so far,
to seek us, to find us and save us from sin,
our Faith is our Victory, O in Christ we win !

This song cannot end as ahead lies the Day,
when the Lord: He is coming to take us away,

to Heaven:
our home as Eternity rolls
into unending life for
our unending souls.

Ten thousand ten thousands,
of angels and years,
will be awesome and beautiful
With nothing to fear,

except for God: our Counselor,

He our
Great King,

ten thousand ten thousands,

but none
fairer than Him.



All I see is beauty,
every where I look,
where e’er my eyes fall open
upon Creation’s book.

Beautiful expressions
by a Master hand,
formed from thoughts ineffable,
of a Master’s plan.

Just to joyfully be and do
with Him: my present Friend,
I find true worth and second birth
in whom my Father sent.

The purpose that I’m made for:
is to be like Him in Love,
all my life Christ I’ll adore
as I soar with the Holy Dove.

He’s never going to lie to me,
He’s never going to sin;
if I’m hurting it’s not the fault
of Him whom I must win.

The Lord’s been O so good to me
there’s not much left to say;
except to praise His Holy Name
again!- again!- and
once again!
And each and every day,
And until the clouds He parts:
each day to always pray.



Eternal Savior, when were You ever not
destined for the cross?
When had You never saved us?
Your infinite Grace visits me
in my times.

Revealed, anointed, immersed with us
in death,
Your cruciform Manliness in time,
A divider of us all, and all our thoughts,
calls me forth.

Source and only Answer, our explanation.
Father: Our tremendous Imaginer.
In You: His Fullness —
as Son of Man and God You are,
with Your Holy Spirit.

Being— this is how we can say Your name:
“I AM”
YOU ARE above, beyond, unseen.
YOU ARE without our perimeter.
But YOU vISit with us.

O Divine Being, stay, and stay forever
and now in my infirmity,
assure me.
Please bless my hard, dark clay
with Your Holy Water and Strong Hands.

O Master Potter, soften, prepare
and turn me.
Make me different than all I’ve known.
Create me for Your pleasure and purpose.
I resign my will and design to thee.

O Master, what You have suffered me
to have made of myself till now,
seems so ugly and useless —
though I have survived my many sins,
and those obstacles You order or allow.

O Lord, my excuses
are very foolish.
The pain I avoid might surely heal me,
breaking my vain affections;
purging my lusts.

Holy Holy Holy Only Thou and yet…..
So must I be:
Holy. How, what can I ever do to become
Like You? O Holy and Humble one,
You became as You formed me!

Miracle God Man, Jesus; Eternal Jesus,
I’ll not object. My plea: Refine me in fire,
PLEASE! Burn off the dross.
Cast me in Your ever living Image
and call me Your own.


Meant To

Lord, you said it’s better
to give than to receive,
and Lord I want to tell you
I do believe, that
getting things for pleasure
indeed cannot relieve
the phony lonely feeling
there’s something more I need.

The truth is pure and simple,
and clothed within this Man
who came into our sin worn world
so we might understand :
that all we need is He, the Lord,
and our daily bread,
some sandals and a goodly cloak,
a hat upon our head.

And as we labor for Him
and seek His Kingdom just,
He adds to us that we which we need,
He promises, He must.
What’s more we often prosper,
for abundant life He gives,
and teaches us to share our wealth,
It’s how we’re meant to live.


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