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Friday, September 22, 2017

Life lived until...

Life lived until...

Making it up
As we walk along
The pain is less
Than what is real,
(And we all gonna die.)

Share my dream!
Or have your own.
The pain is less
While sleepwalking through.
(And we will all wake up dead… I think…)

Coexist. Let’s coexist
Until we no longer do.
The pain is less
With things unknown or ignored.
(But why stare at death?)

Just a little longer
While tomorrow never comes
And then the show is over
And then the pain is gone
(I think that’s right, don’t you?)

So wait for it,
And then let it pass by.
The pain is less
With no baggage
(And none of reality.)

Yet living has it’s consequences,
You have a rap sheet all your own :

  1. it
  2. is
  3. what
  4. it
  5. is                                                                                      

And do you know the half of it?

Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Don't believe everything you think.

Peace is not contrived.



I need to stand
Where if I fall
Some One will hear me
When I call.

I want to live
With good sure friends
Who will with me stand
Until the end.

I want to learn
The lessons well:
Draw close to God,
Shun always hell.

And what I learn
I want to share
Both near and far

God’s Love for us:

Whom we can trust.

And so it is
That I was found
For the Gospel Road
And Holy Ground.

The Love of God
Is deep and wide
And high above
The star strewn sky.

Life is good
Yet evil roams
The weary world
And would trample every pearl.

Life is good
Jesus the life
And God is Love,
God in Christ above.

And if I slip,
On Christ I call.
He is my Rock
He breaks my fall.

Come journey on this Road,
Into the beginning
of that which will not end.

Our humankind: His work, His JOY,

For us,
Christ God did send.