Saturday, April 25, 2015

having cake and eating crow?

I have come to the conclusion that I can not hold too tightly to my belief that craftsmen and service vendors should have the right to refuse this who would hire them. Baking a cake and receiving payment for it is not a religious statement. It is the provision of a product. If it is a wedding cake, how many not qualified by Jesus teachings on divorce remarry every week? How many of those folks are refused cakes by christian bakers? How many are just not even believers and marry for the wrong reasons and have their wedding cakes provided to them by christian bakers… no questions asked. Bakers are not marriage counselors. 

Everyone already knows that homosexuality is a sin, even and especially homosexuals who have to work so hard to persuade us and themselves it is not a sin. A somewhat well known former female impersonator who received christ said that the dirty little secret among homosexuals is that they are ALL VERY UNHAPPY PEOPLE.When Jesus walked in flesh among men, he taught them to love their enemies, to do good to them that persecute them and despitefully use them. Some were being despitefully used by Roman soldiers who impressed then into involuntary service. Jesus said if they force you to carry their burden one mile, carry it two. 

In the USA we have laws that forbid that sort of unwarranted demand upon citizens. 

But what might happen if a christian baker “turned the tables” and went the extra mile… by offering wedding cakes at half price to gay couples. Gays would flock to that store. What if when they got there it was explained that to receive the discount they must spend 15 (30?) minutes with a believer who would walk them through the scriptures which condemn homosexuality and define marriage and divorce?

I wonder if refusing to bake a cake really preaches the gospel. Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding when they ran out. They must been guzzling the stuff. Why did Jesus help them have MORE to drink? Wasn’t that wrong, immoral, and approval of drunkenness? But there was more to that than a cake wasn’t there? Or was there? Even if there was what would Jesus do today? He might write something on the cake… and say “Go and sin no more…” “… lest a worse thing happen to you.”

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