Saturday, May 12, 2007

poem for Egg Fu Laura

for Egg Fu Laura

I don't wanna crown, jus a bit o recognition,
If no frum U, well I ain't in yo kitchen.

da meal I prepare U, an de table I set,
dey ain mean to scare you, so pleeze doan jet.

I really wanna serve U, give U sompin' strong,
sompin' for da journey, help U carry on.

Mos peeps wannit frum U, an say give give give,
bu fo me to be like Jeezus, I gots to hep U live.

So look now pay attention, not to me anymo,
look at Mr. Jeezus, for U He comin' fo.

He wanna luv U alway, and luv U not like Scratch,
He wanna luv u like a brutha, an like a daddy who catch
U wen U fall an hurt yo tushi, o on dose day U jus cant smile,
He wanna hep U cause U fallin', jus like every man an chil'
cause we al don been sinners, an U heah it say befo,
Lawd Jeezus is da onee way, so wid dis I say no mo.

(cept to say dat, me, I luv U 2, and hope deahs mo dat I can do. Fo U, Egg Fu.)

© copyright 2007 d.b. severy

1 comment:

Egg Fu Laura said...

You are awsome Dave! I love this poem and I love you too. Keep up your Father's good work. You have given me a good reason to be a bit more courtious in my speech and to give praise to somebody if I see the need or feel convicted.
Thank you!