Monday, April 06, 2015

God on VACA???

Ignorance Is Not Bliss, Better the Truth that Hurts as It Heals

On this morning’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd interviewed Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, of the Roman Catholic church on the subject of Christian and religious persecution. It was the blind leading the blind. Among Dolan’s words: “God is the God of spring, not the God of winter.” How clear that Augustine’s penchant for allegory has fogged over (and through) the Roman heresy and her followers until this very day. I’m glad my God doesn’t leave town when the weather gets cold.

Dolan also said that Islamic terrorists were not consoant [compatible] with the Koran. To be consonant with such a book would lead to bi-polar schizophrenia. The most ardent terrorists are ardent students of the Koran. The Koran never calls muslims to love (or even forgive?) those who are non-muslims, it calls for muslims   to seek and destroy them or to assist in that task. Rushdie has it right, the Koran is a book of satanic verses. But in a world where Islamic clerics preach the Koranic “seek and murder” doctrine, and muslim terrorists carry out that Koranic mandate, those fearful for the loss of their gastronomic and genital pleasures (via the loss of their heads) toadie along with “moderate” muslims in friendly self deceits and deception of those who will follow them.  

I say if you’re “in for a penny” you’re “in for a pound.” And until you submit/convert to Islam, Islam will pound on you to do so.

Q: What do you call the student who graduated last in his/her class at medical school?

The same joke applies to those studying law, government and politics, economics, any degree… and let’s not forget those studying in Seminaries and Bible Colleges.

William Tyndale (b. 1494, d. 1536), the noted Bible translator (who translated the Bible when doing so was a crime against the Roman Catholic church), was confronted by a scholar who said: We would be better without God’s law than the Pope’s.” Tyndale replied: “I defy the Pope and all his laws. If God spare my life, before many years I will cause boys that plow fields to know more of the Scripture than you do!” God did spare his life for 40 years  and Tyndale’s translations have provoked and provided that many learn God’s word who would have otherwise remained ignorant of it. The Holy Bible has led countless muslims Faith in the Living God and His Son and to everlasting life in Him.

If Christ is God, follow Him! If you think, say or believe Christ is not God, may God in Christ reveal Himself to you. When He does reveal Himself as God, (and He will certainly do that in your life or at your death) you will have no doubt that Islam is the domain of satan, and that the Koran is satan’s propaganda. 

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