Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Tribute

Many gods had I, and many other loves,
Passions filled my daily life, but none were from above.
Then one blessed day, came on the wings of a dove,
This One who filled my heart, soul and mind with Awe and Wondrous Love.

Your mercy never ends,

Your favor precious, Lord,
Your pardon for my sin sick soul,
Flows freely from your Word.

Yeshua, sweet compassionate One,

You O God, my heart have won,
Thank You God for Your Son.

Never was there one like You, nor will ever be,

A God so faithful to His Word, One so rich and free,
One who careth on and on, a God of liberty,
Who daily loads up all I need, and gives abundantly,
Who never fails to fill my cup, the One who died for me,
And rose up triumphing by LOVE, over every enemy.

Much had filled my life, like stones thrown in a well,

Lies poured out upon my ear, which none should ever tell.
Strife and anxiousness, walked by me everyday,
But suddenly came One from above to show a better Way.

So on in Victory, through fire and toil and flood,

My soul clings close to Calvary’s cross, for there was shed the Blood,
The Blood of God so pure, unlike any other man’s…
This poured upon the sin stained world, from God! from God alone, who alone did ...>>> !!!

!!! >>>... forgive by this One Deed, all they that ever harmed

Life and limbs of mortal men, I being one of them.
I’m one who God forgave, my many evil deeds,
And ransomed me from the devil's grasp for all eternity.

O hallelu Yah, Thank You Yeshua!

For Your mercy and great grace yet so undeserved.
And Thank You Father above for the love and forgiveness which
Stills Flows deep and pure to we who tread this earth…

O Praise and Thank You, O glory to You,

O let Your Name be ever heard
from every tongue and every tribe,
and people and nation, 
Ever now and forever........