Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Govans (Baltimore), Md.
Monday November 28th, 2011

Dear friends, neighbors and Dear enemies, Dear christian,

Shalom! Thanksgiving has come and as a day it has gone in 2011. Christmas is very near. I write to you this strange  (Thanksgiving and Christmas, holiday, or seasonal) greeting from my temporary shelter in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America. Christmas especially is a memorial, a reminder (should we need one) of the birth of the Savior of all who will trust in Him and His Father, and a reminder that He not only died for us, He was born for us, Emmanuel. To many this is not strange. What is strange about Christmas?

I heard it said recently that we don’t have a whole heart until it is broken. And this must be true! If we are well, if we are entirely satisfied with ourselves, we must be deceived. Why? Because we are dying. Our lives are vapors, passing away after a short 30, 60 or 100 years. Our bodily demise is always a moment away.

Our hearts are physically broken. The life they pump through our veins is unsustainable because in the realest and truest sense our hearts are broken. If we think otherwise we are truly deluded. Only when we see our hearts are broken, when we discover that they are broken far beyond our ability to repair them, will we then in their brokenness and in our honest integrity be able to receive from God in Christ the remedy which makes them whole.

It seems incongruous, but in our bodies which are perishing, God has caused our souls, our persons, our essence to be whole before Him, and to be alive by His mercy and grace forever.

This truth, which comes as a gift from Jesus who is the TRUTH, this is something worth our humble thanksgiving and worship all day every day. Amen?

 I also heard someone pray, “Jesus, break my heart with the things that break Your Heart.” That is a difficult prayer to pray. I think the only thing that breaks Jesus’ Heart is sin. There is a ton of that going around. But this is a prayer which will cause to be conformed into His image. God gives grace to those who are grieved as He is. Ezekiel Chapter 9 is a remarkable testimony to that fact. I hope the rest of this strange letter upholds humble the need to be troubled by sin, by that which grieves God.

Again and again I am reminded and unable to forget or ignore the insanity and inanity of the current thinking of many Americans on illegal aliens and immigration and “the practice” (I will identify the strange practice later). This sounds like condemnation, but it is not, for I too suffer from unclean and stupid thinking, even if God has delivered me from much of it. It may sound like judgment, and this it is. We all make judgments every day. They may be wise or foolish. Jesus did say: “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”  John 7:24  The thinking I am writing about is that American sovereignty must exclude foreign workers, especially illegal aliens from doing American jobs on American soil. It might be a reasonable legal view for illegal immigrants, but let’s ask some reasonable questions:

Why do aliens come in to the US illegally?

The answer is first and foremost that they come for work and for the U.S. dollar. Secondly they come in for criminal activity (and the U.S. dollar). Thirdly they come as enemies of the U.S. to overthrow the U.S. government(s). Let’s not be overly concerned with the second and third answers here, though they too are very important problems to solve.

Why aren’t American workers doing the work illegals come for?

Illegals have worked for very low wages in industries accustomed to very low profit margins. Illegals routinely worked harvesting crops for wages below the minimum wage, wages Americans would and could not legally accept in jobs Americans supposedly did not want to perform. I’m not sure how long the farmers of the south, and south west have been employing alien workers. My memory of controversy goes back to the sixties to the grape and lettuce crops in California and Caesar Chavez. (Chavez worked for the Community Service Organization, a Latino civil rights group from 1952 until 1962.

 The idea that Americans were unwilling to do this hard work picking crops may have been the result of the below minimum wages offered to attract illegals. Regardless, illegals have been picking our crops for a long time. But for several decades illegals have been taking jobs in other industries, most typically food service and restaurant work, and landscaping and gardening. But why are more and more jobs in the USA held by illegals? Where are we? Where are the Americans? Where did we all go? While the economy has lost several million jobs since 2008 and some illegals have gone home having lost theirs, there are still 12 million or more illegals in the U.S. Why is there still so much room in the job market for illegals?

There are so many factors that a book would be necessary to expose the matter fully. But I think of several factors as very relevant to this dilemma.

Capitalism and capitalists, in specific American capitalists have become more devoted to profits than to the nation. Because of this illegals at low wages are in demand over Americans. Additionally illegals coming from poverty prove to be eager and productive workers, while Americans have succumbed to their sense of “entitlement” to high wages, union and government benefits, and legal resources. The federal government exacerbates the matter by placing regulations on businesses raising their costs.  Business owners not finding illegals to work for them will and do move their business to other nations. Finally illegals are starting and running their own businesses and likely avoiding payroll income and social security taxes.

American patriots are conflicted, confused and/or ignorant if they condemn illegals as wholly responsible as lawbreakers and even as economic enemies. How can our farms and businesses run smoothly and profitably with American workers while “made in America” policies and practices encourage the hiring of illegals or foreigners?

But one more time I ask, “Why do aliens come in to the US illegally? Why aren’t American workers doing the work illegals come for? Where are we? Where are the Americans? Where did we all go? Why is there still so much room in the job market for illegals?”

These questions have one more answer. It is the most telling answer, in my opinion. Where are they (we)? Shockingly twenty five percent, one of four of American workers have died every year for 35 years. These have not been ill, and have not retired. They have died? What was their cause of death? It was and continues to be abortion. Leaving aside the moral objections so many have against abortion, we need to understand the economic consequences of abortion. Abortion “is the practice.”

The closest Bible reference I have found to modern abortion is found in Jeremiah:
“[… thus saith the LORD] And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.”  (Jeremiah 32:35)

This describes the sacrifice of children by their parents to the heathen god Molech. In Jeremiah’s time the children of Israel and the children of Judah had gone so far astray that they were making these sacrifices. Note the Lord says of this:  “…I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination…”  I think this shows just how alien, how strange the practice of child sacrifice is to God.  Are today’s abortions child sacrifices to Molech or to any god? We know that children already born and living are still sacrificed in very dark corners of the world. But Abortion, is it a sacrifice? It is certain that the aborted child is unwanted. Why? Because something else is preferred. And what is that? What is preferred is relief from the responsibilities and the labors of raising the child conceived. In effect we worship our own selves. We give the child to whom? To God by the act of murdering him/her in the womb. But is it a sacrifice we are giving to God? No, although the child IS received by God.

“When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.”
(Psalm 27:10) Amen

By preferring our money, and our leisure time to the needs of the baby in the womb we are elevating ourselves to be as Gods by taking the life, the LIFE of the baby to be.

By abortion, by the practice our labor pool, the number of available U.S. citizens for hire is reduced every year by 25%. Our tax base and tax revenues are cut by 25%. It could be that one of every four American jobs is held by an illegal alien, a legal foreign worker or has been given to a foreigner in another nation. The consequences of abortion simply reduce American prosperity.

A related matter is the prevalence of foreign goods in the American market place. These products are not the result of American labor. Their sale in the U.S. generates no wages, and no tax revenues on wages. We often hear the very reasonable advice: “Buy American.” But to “Buy American,” we must have American made goods to buy. Sadly 25% of future American craftsmen, manufacturers, business owners and job creators are eliminated every year as unwanted aborted babies.

Abortion became legal in 1973. That year more than 700,000 “conceptions were terminated,” a polite way of saying that babies or persons were murdered in the wombs of their mothers. In 1991 those 700,000+ aborted persons would have had the been born and lived turned 18 years of age. In 1974 more than 1,000,000 babies/persons were aborted (That number has been typical in almost every year since. As I recall, one year nearly 1,500,000 abortions were done). Eighteen years after 1974 those 1,000,000+ persons would also have turned 18 years of age. Today in 2011 babies/persons aborted in the year 1993, had they been born would be 18 years old.

At eighteen most people look for work, enter the military or enter trade schools colleges or universities. From 1973 to 1993 approximately 20,000,000 babies/persons were aborted. Is it a coincidence that there are (some estimate) 20,000,000 or more illegal aliens in the United States of American today? Note that every one of those 20,000,000 aborted would be 18 years old by January 1st, 2012. All of them would be eligible to vote in the 2012 election.

What has possessed us to be so blind to the economic consequences of this practice called abortion or termination of pregnancy?

I must add this to the list of consequences. Though liberal doctors and their powerful medical establishment deny it, and the liberal press/media will not report it, the risk of breast cancer in women is higher in women having abortions. It is higher by 33-100% in women having one abortion and higher than that in those having more than one aborton. Why? When a woman becomes pregnant estrogen begins to build up in her breasts. It is the body’s necessary way of preparing to deliver milk to the newborn. When the baby is aborted, the estrogen remains in the breast without being used and released in breast feeding. This trapped estrogen simply causes breast cancer in many women. If you want information on this Google search ABC Link, Abortion Breast Cancer, or Joel Brind, Ph.D.

Illegals here are frequently Hispanics and Roman Catholics; they do not have many abortions. They value children. In their culture they have not yet drunk the pro-choice Kool-Aid. I pray they never will. But it seems to me, and seems very clear that illegal aliens are a consequence of U.S. federal law and domestic policy gone astray and amuck in the worst way with abortion topping the list. Men are not only endowed by their creator with inalienable rights, they are endowed with creative ability. How sad that in ignorance of and rebellion against God, rights (powers) and ability produce oppression, and destruction resulting in debt, default and eventually poverty and death.

Illegals often pay no taxes by receiving under the table cash wages, or through their own businesses. Illegals send U.S. dollars out of the country to their families. Illegals receive government services, from medical health benefits to education courtesy of a government which has lost 25% (over a million every year) of its taxpayers. Illegals require state and federal law enforcement agencies to guard borders, arrest, care for and return illegals to their homelands. There are bureaucracies overseeing these. Illegals drain tax revenues by committing crimes here. We have many illegals imprisoned, also a cost to our taxpayers.

Notwithstanding this: God loves illegal aliens wherever they are found. Jesus was sent to whosoever will. Jesus has saved many already and desires many more be saved. He has saved many who have had abortions, approved abortion, and even some who have facilitated and performed abortions. He has also saved many who have gone bankrupt, who have lost their jobs, which have been corrupt in business, government and law enforcement. He and desires all not saved repent and receive His priceless gift of eternal life. In this time marked out (however inaccurately) for the celebration of Jesus’ birth (a real event), we need to remember and memorialize that Jesus was born so that he could die and take away the sins of the world, that world of bankrupt, jobless, corrupt, illegal men and women near and far (to you and me) living here on earth. Here Christmas and all “holidays” have the possibility of being HOLYdays, as does every day of the calendar.

Illegal immigrants are people. Their existence in America is a symptomatic condition resulting from other issues, some of which I believe I have touched on in this letter. It seems unlikely I will forget these troubles in the very near future, excepting when Jesus comes back to us. But with my will and heart, both which are weaker than any lamb, I set my self to forgiving the troublers in this earth which so surely belongs to the Lord Jesus our Messiah and Savior. God save such, for I was one such as they are.

Thanks and praise to God, our Father, Savior, Lord, brother, and Guide! He is Almighty forever and ever, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Baruch HaShem Yeshua, Baruch HaShem Adonai !!!                               

His and yours,  Dave Severy  ~ Govans, Md.                                          

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