Sunday, December 11, 2005

Book I


1. In This Place
3. IF
4. We have , have we?
5. Uncommon Common Sense
6. Everything That Was Made
7. The Fly and the Flea
8. Two: to Women
9. The Trial of TRUTH
10. (untitled)
11. living water
12. Ecce Homo

In This Place

Here we are Lord Jesus, Ones whom You have made.
Gathered in this place, Gathered on this day.
Help us be the offering that pleases You.
Let us enter enter into rest and be with You.

As we walk along the paths that You illuminate,
We trust You because we know the way.
The many roads that men have paved in this world below
Lead to clever imitations our hearts refuse to know.

We will not share Your glory with another
Let all that can't abide You flee away.
In Your mercy give us grace that we may look upon Your face.
Here we are, Yours gathered in this place,
Here we are, Yours gathered in this place.


Each one a mystery, a labyrinth untold.
Steeped now in secrecy, but ready to unfold.
No man knows, save He who rose:
What tale will be told, o let my people go.

Perfection went away, leaving us to groan.
Blood poured upon the earth, o how man does roam.
Far from the Way he knew, far from the Way of Truth;
O the tales been told, o let my people go.

Though hid from pedant’s* eye, each one is foreknown;
Destined to live and die, then no more to roam.
Cut not short their destiny, they for life were meant to be
Tales to be told, o let my people go.

Small though their bodies are, each one has great worth.
With silent cries they cross the bar, denied their first birth.
Ushered into Holy Light, before the Father and the Christ,
There to tell the tale, yet no more to weep or wail,
Lest they weep o for thee, o let my people go.

It’s we who should weep and wail, we who must tell the tale,
Crimes yet undone should not prevail, this must be the goal.
Warn now, I warn you well, your soul may be bound for hell,
It’s murder and must be told, o let my people go.

*pedant: in this case, one who is unimaginative or who unduly emphasizes minutiae in the presentation or use of knowledge


If we all lived by the golden rule,
We would’t send our children to school,
But keep them home to harvest and sow
And worship the Lord where ever we’d go.

If we’d have on our hearts of flesh each day
The commandments large and bold writ,
And drink of His water, the living and fresh,
There would be no need to chomp at the bit.

The days we would spend in His will, not a care
Would we have in our mind, we would never despair.
We would sing, dance and shout as we waited below
For His sure return, 'twill be soon you must know.

The things we pursue in todays “modern” world
Often define us as foolish and churls.
For our cities and towns and this new cyberspace
And cluttered and cloggged with so much disgrace.

We need to look up with the eyes of our faith
Wide open to God that we’d receive grace,
And open our ears to His Word, Oh so sweet;
He’ll guide by His Spirit our poor earthen feet.

But if we depart from walking with Him,
We open ourselves to the wiles and the whims
Of the enemy Satan, who is lurking around
For those who will wander and by him be found.

Stay upon Jesus: your mind, heart and soul
That up like a eagle you may one day soar.
Having been faithfully waiting below
Up, up you will fly to His heavenly shore.

To join with the thousands of thousands and more,
Who stand before Jesus and Fathers Great Thrones,
With angels and saints who with unending praise
give their all to the Lamb and the Ancient of days.

So faint not while now you endure with your groans
The falleness caught in your flesh and your bones,
And the arrows and slings of so much outrage
Of sin and perdition and death, they the wages
Of all who ignore the great Gospel of Love,
Of our God and His Son and His Holy Dove.

We have , have we?

This poem is not written to the faint of heart.
I am afraid many might see it as "shooting our wounded".
It is a little bitter, but as I grow, I'm am ever more ashamed of not my weaknesses,
but my poverty. I often fit the description "he's so POOR, he can't even PAY attention."
Please pray for me to be blessed by God. The Word is now this moment in my ear: "you must seek not your own wealth, but that others be made wealthy in Me".

Comments are desired especially in response to theis poem which might better have been titled
"I have, Have I?"


We have , have we?

We have built our wooden walls...
We have mortised granite by the hundred ton...
We have carpeted and fanned and heated...
We have cushioned and air-conditioned and draped with pleated…..
When will we build a man inside them?

We have sung ten thousand songs...
We have worshipped every Sunday...
We have tuned our guitars and pianos...
We have amplified our voices to the Skies.....
When will we find and sing the new song within us? (oh it’s there)

We have preached ten million sermons...
We have taught ten thousand verses...
We have rehearsed it all till blue in face...
We have counted and recounted God’s grace (ours).....
When will we build new men inside us?

We have had our fishy suppers...
And our breakfasts and our prayers...
We have coffee, tea and doughnuts...
And our waistlines show it’s true..... (fried chicken too)
When will we feed the man inside you, inside them, us,
the whosoever will or has?

Are you a whosoever will?
Or a whosoever has?
Make your self abandon self,
And let God make of you
A whosoever who DOES.

Lord, it is I that have called the kettle black.
And the pain of my omissions is greater than that of my sins of commission,
Though the thought of both leave me with the horror of having robbed You.

O that I might build in any of Thine,
A whosoever has or whosoever should be saved,
With the Pure Gold of Thy Word to set in Pure Silver
With the highest of Praise to teach
And feed the spirit that man Thy Word of Truth
And O ever be willing to heed Thy Call, Thy Correction, Thy Rebuke and Reproof.
I am willing, O show me how to do it,
For above all things Thou art my Holy Treasure,
My Master and King,
My Lord,
And I am grateful for Thee and Thy Love.

Uncommon Common Sense

O dear God how I long for days gone by.
Bob was right, the times they are a changin’.
Day by every day it’s harder for a man to try to live-
To do his duty to his home, his God… O why???

A world insane hits with a thump upon my doorstep,
The morning paper is ablaze with lawlessness;
What answer is there for the shame of sin and evil deeds,
What can I do to right the things God just won’t bless?

O common sense today is so uncommon,
Our sensibilities have flown so far away,
I hope perhaps that they’re just somewhere resting for awhile,
And pray they’ll come back soon to America to stay.

If all the churches preaching Jesus
Would just agree about what he said in His book;
He’s the source of all there is of Love and Goodness,
His common sense to me’s the only thing that works.

It seems that forces are arrayed against the good man
To keep him from the good he wants to do.
And the luxury and pleasures of the evil man allure-
Seducing those who will not guard their hearts.

[This one could be a song, Country Song?, with the middle stanza as the chorus]

Everything That Was Made
written 6/22/2005

The eye was made for seeing,
and something it's going to see.
The desire behind your eye today,
whatever will it be?

The ear, it was made for the hearing,
and hears what it likes or abhors.
To what will your ear be attuned to today
in your precious few minutes and hours?

The nose - 'twas made for smelling
the dinner, the rose and the dung.
Alas it may sniff out men's troubles
the necklace like albatross hung.

The nerve it was made for the sensate,
to taste, to handle and touch.
Most of us bow to it's pleasures,
and most of us partake too much.

The tongue, o boy- need I SAY it?,
was made by our God up above.
He gave it to us for to praise him,
and to speak to each other in Love.

The Fly and the Flea

well i look an' dere dis fly,
he be buzzin' roun' my head.
i say "Lawd ..... Lawd Lawd Lawd!!!"

an’ de Lawd, He answer me.
He say "fly?, .....dat fly? why
yoo blame dat buzzin' critta on me?"

i say, "Lawd, .....Lawd!
i no like dis fly.
He be buggin', yas he buggin' is me."

an’ da Lawd He say, "well,
you got dat mos' all right,
cause YOO is da fly I see!"

i say, "Lawd, ....WUT ?!?
wut CHoo mean ta say?
dis fly be buzzin' roun ME!"

He say, "son, if yoo wan', I makes yoo a trade,
instead a be a fly, yoo a FLEA!"

i say, "Lawd, ....WUT ?!?
o Lawd, dis be bad
don' wanna be a fly O a flea."

i say, Lawd ....PLEASE !!!
Yoo is confusin' me.
be a fly, o Yoo is makin' me a FLEA?"

an' da Lawd say:

"Dat absolutely how it gonna be!!!
yoo gonna be a fly o a flea!
Gonna fly away to Heben on dat bes' good Day,
o ta Hell yoo gonna flea, flea, FLEE !!!!!"

Two: to Women

I’m weak as any Muslim man,
Don’t want the public looking at her
The way I've looked at some.
She could be my wife or daughter
But I don’t want men and lesbians
Drooling at the sight of her.
Wife – Daughter – WOMAN
cover thyself modestly, please.

Help save men,
MARRY them.

The Trial of TRUTH

We’re putting Truth on trial today
To hear what he will say.
Can he hold his ground against
Our fine post-modern way?

Quite likely we will mock him,
Our view of Truth is dim;
An old idea, not relevant,
Outdated, tis but a whim.

He takes the stand, a sober man,
He seems quite confident.
Lets listen to him now. He speaks
The oath with raised right hand.

Then, “ I today will speak my heart,
The all not just a part.
For nothing but the Truth is there,
Where would you that I start?”

His countenance disturbs us,
He looks so stern and just,
Yet compassion seems to dwell in him,
I feel him I could trust!

“Away, away!”, we cried aloud.
“we’ll not this man allow.”
“ He clearly has no word we want.”
“Away, away- go now!”

Truth left the stand and court today,
He did not get to say
The all or even part of that
Which might have saved the day.

And we returned to warring o’er
Our wretched silly things;
And Truth above our heads did soar
On golden silver wings.


After the last clatter of democracy
and the final rattle of the republics
echo off and out the unhinged halls
of humanism, what remains for man?

Progress / reform / dissent / debate/
we cry……...
as if in the mind of any
better can be found than has been found.

Our children are “the future”—
so we must be the now.
O that we would now look to the Origin
of Truth and species all, and bow,
and be found complete, confident,
confirmed in a common will and consecration.

We cannot draw today’s guidance from tomorrow.
Some of tomorrow’s mistakes will surely show
how poorly we paid attention to our Guide.
Too, they will reveal false sources and false voices.


living water

living water, living water
flows from God’s Son, drink and live everyone
living water, living water
flows to the thirsty land

there is no price, there is no fee
God pours it out for you and for free

living water, living water
flows from God’s throne, unto His own.
living water, living water
flows from God’s throne for the dry and thirsty

a very Holy Flood from our Father above.
all from His love to you

living water, living water
precious and pure, immerse and be sure
living water, living water
water without which we die.

living water, living water
flows from God’s Son, drink and live everyone
living water, living water
flows to the thirsty land

Ecce Homo

A man to be known
From above came unto His own.
They were expecting someone else....

They wanted freedom from other men,
He would free them from themselves.

In a prison of tradition
And in chains of vanity
Two worlds asundered could not comprehend
This One who walked on water
This One who would not sin.

He burst upon their scene
And everything changed for them.
In three short years so many healed.
In three short years so many offended
And tested and failed to see.

By His works He wooed them.
Sure they were impressed and blessed.
Yet great currents swirled.
Was He? Was He not?
“If He is,” some said, “OUR THING will END!”

And so a nation gone astray
In the grip of an empire’s sway
Which had made them bitter (and also had made them rich)
Was not moved from the status quo,
The comfort zone so deep so old some cold.

What man today can take it in?
A man like me who NEVER SINNED?
A man like me miracles?
A man like me… well not really…
A man like me they crucified.

Have times changed?
Are we different now?
Do I have what I need?
Can I climb every mountain?
Any mountain? Seriously???

People and I need the Lord.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Book III


1. The Outside View
3. A Muse
4. (untitled)
5. My Grave
6. (untitled)
8. Title is : “Untitled”
10. Five Haikus

The Outside View

From left and right:

Taking sides today is sport, and winning is never out of view.
We take our leisure to do war, and doing thus do strew
about with words the whims and foolishness we conjure.
As we spin our words, alas half knowing what they mean,
And so, not knowing what we meant, or what we meant to say…
Still our word spun buzzing threads are gathered to the shuttle,
And to the loom : to weave........
in fifty years we'll call it “History” -
Into whole cloth, where with warp and weft
we convolute the threads to thoughts, threads once dyed
In vats of prejudice and bigotry,
Woven in haughtily and naughtily into lies.
The outcome was never in doubt... Come !
Let us make the emporer his new clothes.

From here:

And popular today it is to say : “think outside the box”.
Now as I am wont to, I must define and align my self
with words and thoughts I understand ;
So that I may not expect
any torrent of confusion
or unexpected rain
of misinterpertation,
or discomfort
by vague intuition,
or contradiction of other.

How now : the box.

I think most people who want to think outside the box must consider the box.
Is not the box : the known? The universe of your minds attainments?
If so how small the box !
How easy it should be to leave it's parallelepiped*.
My box seems very small, so much exists outside it!
And so I go- where no others have gone before, into that which lies outside Moi, -to think!!

Therefore, I am persuaded that the outside is worthy of a wary walk,
for, outside the box : the unknown.
The unknown I know not whereof, whatof, when, how, or who of.
But there is no if, there is only is. I have parsed is, and found it to be.
Will you join me outside the box?
* The parallelepiped, a six-faced solid figure, symbolizes rationality and security and, in my imagery, it is used as the most favoured shape to take man and his mind through the mysterious voyage into time and beyond time. from

Ebbing faith has visited my soul and its discomfort settles over me like a too warm blanket of guilt. There is an expectation of enduring it in a lazy sort of way, not fully awake enough to the light of the morning star, sleepily pulling the covers overhead to block the bright rays, the penetrating rays of His Holy Convincer.

Sin always seems to be at the root of these periods of lackadaisical, lackluster, lay-about sessions. It is in this instance, a prime besetter that has visited me again. I’ll not mention it by name. Just use your imagination and one of your personal loathsome pet peevish sins will suggest itself to you. Forgive me. I don’t mean to trouble your soul. In fact you may wish to pray (I wish, too) for me and for yourself.

These bouts of beleaguering, bothersome, bad behavior are not to be endured long, but to be thrown off and overboard like stuff worse than refuse. Only one thing can be positively said for the experience of this garden variety backsliding. Its slow motion negative direction qualifies it as an acceptable part of the good fight, slightly better than the motionlessness of a dreaded becalming.


A Muse

Ah, Abraham…. thou favored of the children of men in God’s green earth.
What was it about you that caught His eye?
Surely He knew you from before all time,
Surely he chose you out of all the flesh of earth,
A man who would follow You,
A man of steadiness toward You.

Isaac, it may seem your father preferred God to you.
Did you struggle against those ropes?
Did you trust God even as your dad?
43434344444 N

(untitled)It's not easy writing poems
in this post modern age.
The times they are a changin' some,
most don't know where it's comin' from...
that is : the wrath and rage.

Men were once a gentler sort
of beings on this earth,
now it's as if some alien thought
has come forth, (evil's all it's got),
and stripped the world of worth.

We cry "values!" every day
and wonder : "...what men do!"
Shall we again fear and not tread
where fools have gone and filled their heads
with idols thru and thru?

It's not so much the rhymes don't come
or meters march along.
It's just the topics do depress,
they make for worry and distress,
so much today's gone wrong.

Thanks be to God, our only Good,
who by His Holy Flame;
is burning out the sin and doubt,
the tin and dross come up and out,
that pure gold may remain.

The more the sin, the more the Grace
God gives to us, it's sure;
He might prefer to lavish less
if we'd bear up and do our best
for Him whom we adore.

We're saved by Grace through faith
which we place in Jesus Christ, it's true.
So run this race toward Heavens shore
and in His strength YOU CAN endure
and rise beyond the blue.


Lord, open every ear, that they may choose to
call upon Your Name, Baruch ha Shem ,
Amen .

My GraveI hope to go to my grave
one day
without issue or care or
And to rise up above,
enthralled and in love,
forgetting all matters

In a world full of war,
still One I adore
carries me daily
through strife.
I speak now of whom we
call our Bridegroom
and the Way ,the Truth, and
the Life.

Though sin does abound,
this One I have found has
by dying and rising again;
given proof beyond doubt,
(we should give a great
He has Power to forgive
all our sin.

More and more grace He
gives to His race
of man, who has fallen so
of the Glory they knew
when once the first two,
were by Satan made to be

So confidently I, a trembling lie and
await the great Day of
the Lord,
someday or anon, I'll arise
with a song,
to Christ: my eternal

(untitled)I want to tell my story,
from beginning to the end.
I want my last day on earth
to end as I ascend
from earth's decaying grip,
from body's bony cage,
as joyfully my soul does slip
into it's new image.
I'll rest before God's mercy seat,
rest, all work below complete,
as there this new creation
becomes in Him replete.

I want the days that now remain
to bless my Holy Lord,
and each and every one contain
the blessing of His Word.
Oh that I would promptly now repent,
and always now obey
the Word from Father, heaven sent.
And always also pray
for grace and strength and bravery,
to shun all wicked knavery,
and strive for good, not wavering
until that endless Day.


Title is : “Untitled”

i hear my name now and again.
every so often someone speaks
to me about something. i'm not a good
listener, but if you get my
ATTN : Hey you! that does it sometimes.
Soups on always gets it. Hey you is ...
human after all.
i have some friends too.
they call me Dave. and that's ok, it IS
my name, after all.
lots of excuse me’s on the bus,
some thank you's when i hold the door.
a letter came once addressed Dear Dr.
by mistake. that's sad though.
i'm not a Doctor, ...after all.
the best it's got is "Sir". that's for
my graying temples and the
wrinkles creepin’ ‘round
my eyes. that's for gettin' older.
o well, i guess that's ok too.


Fall draws near, that part of the year
he told me “the trees go to rest.”
As yellows and reds above my head
fall to the ground and are lying…

the dying I fear, is next in the year
when winter winds come sighing,
and clouds, often gray, and low all the day,
and few the birds be flying.

The cold and the freeze, Lord forbid us the sneeze,
can be bitter and trouble and woe.
My flesh is rare pleased as the nip in the breeze
tells of shoveling ……….shoveling snow.

Then spring makes its splash, with a shout and a dash
as glory and splendor do race,
bringing good cheer and a place in the year
to Thank our great Savior for grace.

The thaw has begun, sure.. thanks to the sun,
which was spoken by God and appeared;
and planting is made, and foundations are laid—
it’s my favorite time of the year.

Tis done all too soon, then in heat we do swoon
when summer does brightly affirm; that
for bread we must sweat, midst our sin and our debt,
and creation travails as we learn,

of God, who is love, and who guides from above
till we’re reaped like the crop in the field.
Our few days are spent, best in them repent
to our Rock, our strong tower and shield.

As fall again greets us, summer it meets
with the diurnal turn of the pole;
and crops taken in by the bushel and bin
bless the faithful, though hungry, dear souls.

All through the year God is so near
to the one who will fear Him as Lord.
As Father and Son, who with Spirit are One,
who is patient and kind and will not leave behind
the dear Soul who willingly comes,
and a trembling bows low,
to Him who doeAs know
each one... and He calls us by name.


not new enemies
should one be desiring
let foes become friends

dawn will mount it’s steed
upon his hind legs will rear
day awakes, dark flees.

dead men numberless
gone since God’s obit appeared
could it be a lie?
small black brown children
deeply truly they are loved
as all are: blessings
i was there alone
an unseen presence met and
contradicted this

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Book IV

1. I See
2. 1 John 2:6
4. Aches and Pains
5. (untitled)
7. It's A Privilege
9. From Pentecost

I See

Jesus in Gethsemane
Sweating blood on bended knees

Jesus kissed by Judas now
A kiss betrays His fevered brow

Jesus picking up an ear
Wonders aloud why Him they fear

Jesus meeting Peter’s eye
Sees him leave with bitter cries

Jesus asked “Are you God’s son?”
Declares it so and His judging’s done

Jesus with Rome’s Governor
Telling gently why He was born

Jesus sent to Herod then
Silent, robed…. He returns again

Jesus scourged by Roman hands
Fulfilling prophecy’s demands

Jesus on the pavement next
Pilate looks for a pretext

Jesus comforts Pilate some
The man’s afraid, somewhat undone

Jesus stands as they cry out
“Crucify him, crucify him…”

Jesus… Pilate caving in
Fulfilling the law’s demands of sin

Jesus, garbed in my own clothes
Wearing insults, stripes and blows

Jesus bears the heaviest load
Down the Dolorosa Road

Jesus stumbles, Simeon nigh
Forced to help his Savior die

Jesus climbs the frightful hill
There His Holy Blood to spill

Jesus meek as any lamb
Naked, pierced in Feet and Hands

Jesus lifted up from the earth
Giving us our second birth

Jesus coat upon the ground
Despised the shame without a sound

Jesus speaks, lo, seven times
Words without a need of rhyme

Jesus promises the thief
New life with Him and no more grief

Jesus light has fled away
Comes the darkness at mid-day.

Jesus gives His Spirit up
Unto His Father... He’s drunk the cup.

Jesus riven is his tent
Like the Temple veil now rent

Jesus dead upon the cross
My precious hope ! at such cost!

Jesus pierced now once again
Water now on earth He sends

Jesus’ loved ones stand aghast
They thought His rule of love would last

Jesus’ friends now bury Him
The rich cool tomb He enters in

Jesus passes from human view
Almost as if they never knew……..yet

“Jesus, Jesus we saw You,
We touched You, we loved You…. Where are You?”

Jesus setting captives free
And taking captive captivity

Jesus preaching to those who slept
Before upon the earth He wept

Jesus, flashing, breaking out!
His disciples, filled with doubt,
See Him now, again, What’s this?
It’s Jesus, yes! It really is!!!!!

1 John 2:6

I can be holy.
For God would not ask of me
anything He is not able to have me be.

I can be perfect:
just as the Father I can be
far from sins wickedness. He set me free.

I have seen Jesus, the Son of God.
A living perfect portrait of God I have found
by His Spirit in His Book.

So I have seen the Father:
God, the Ancient of Days;
for I have seen Jesus in His Holy Prefection.

I can be like Jesus,
this I can do,
if I’ll but love everyone I meet,
and pray for Love to come and set them free,
and stay in love with Him whom I adore,
and shun all sin that Jesus abhors.

I’ll be like Jesus
Even today, holy and perfect.
Let it cost ALL the world of me,
what good is success anyway
if it’s not with Jesus.
If it’s not of Him, it has no worth.
I can be like JESUS !!!


Sin, the greatest tumult, and
doubts appalling fears;
war against God’s calling me
to His Son so near:
He , ready as my comfort
my shelter and my cheer.

Hell prepared for Satan,
and angels fallen down,
hell a man would not receive,
should he give his crown
to the great Jehovah :
Most High God renown.

Charity, Gods Love supreme
is what I’m destined for,
and Wisdom come from God above
will guide me to that shore,
which still waits for those who wait
for His return Whom they adore.

Heaven prepared, as for a Bride !
the New Jerusalem;
prepared by God for holy saints
who long to dwell therein.
It’s where I’ll go AND STAY one day,
and forever praise the Name !!!!!
Baruch, Baruch,

Aches and Pains

Thank You, dear Lord for my aches and my pains,
some of which come and go with the rain.
Remind me they do, of a day yet to come
when my body lets go of a soul to its home.

Yea, at the sound of Your Voice may I hark,
and not ever to fear the world I’ll depart.
Would I even or ever oppose Your Sweet Will,
I would gain not a thing, O my soul: be thou still.

And peacefully knowing my Savior, He reigns,
whether or not have I aches or my pains,
whether or not I squirm or I rest,
Thank You dear Lord, says this bird from his nest.

In Your fair kingdom all bright and above
one day I’ll retire my troubles: to love.
Like a river we’ll flow, on……..on and on,
never to cease, no more dusk, no more dawn.
No need for the sun, for the moon or the stars
The Light of Your Son is so bright where You are.


Praise Thee Father and Thy Son
and Spirit Holy three in ONE
glory glory praise Thee Lord
living God oh Living Word
Your faith and ours now overcome
every battle now is won
oh the long dark night is done
comes the dawn now all is light
and we all precious in your sight
for ere and ere we’ll no more fight
no more sin or suffer then
so now to Thee our hearts we bow
and our tongues sing out Thy praise
banner anthem voice we raise
to our Christ our God ablaze
clothed in Light so very bright
o we joy in love abundant
Holy Holy best redundant
never ending just begun
(they were right oh this is fun)
blessings all now yours and mine
as our Son of God doth shine.


O Lord, what is man?
What have You wrought in us,
who bow before Your Throne,
who are Your very own,
we who believe in Your Word?

O God, please, who am I?
Yes Lord, hear my cry,
O, may I kiss Your Son,
I long that every battle be won,
I do believe in Your Word.

Once a man was with You,
in a way we’ve never known,
no sin had Adam done,
and even then the Victory was won.

Christ was our Victor,
before the world was made,
our Father had prepared the way,
for the dawn and our everlasting Day.

O thank You my God, my King,
to You my heart I bring,
make it the thing that pleases You.
Let every fiber there be True.

The world must fade from view,
as I patiently wait on You to
work Your Will and Pleasure in me,
to set me apart and make me free.

So gently do you carry me,
I often of your presence am unaware,
o that my heart would learn and be still
to behold You and know You my God.

Where are Your rivals, O God O King,
who has accomplished things you’ve done?
Who would dare to compete with you?
There is no person compares with Your Son.

A man in our likeness yet More than we are,
our God and our Savior, He came from so far,
to seek us, to find us and save us from sin,
our Faith is our Victory, O in Christ we win !

This song cannot end as ahead lies the Day,
when the Lord: He is coming to take us away,

to Heaven:
our home as Eternity rolls
into unending life for
our unending souls.

Ten thousand ten thousands,
of angels and years,
will be awesome and beautiful
With nothing to fear,

except for God: our Counselor,

He our
Great King,

ten thousand ten thousands,

but none
fairer than Him.

It's A Privilege


One more simple song from me to You,
to thank you for Your love, I do,
and praise and worship You alone, my Truth.
Here’s one more simple song for You.

I’ve found no better way each day,
than in Your presence Lord, to stay,
for grace and strength: Christ always to obey
and live in God in love always.

Oh hosanna, Praise You Jesus,
Risen Savior, Here’s my song:
May it please You in Your love for us,
You to whom we do belong. Oh hosanna, Hallelujah.

It’s a privilege Lord, it’s so true,
to become in time just like You.
To live and learn, within Your care,
of Your mercy and Your grace
beyond all compare.

Oh hosanna, Praise You Jesus
Risen Savior, Here’s my song:
May it please You in Your love for us,
You to whom we do belong. Oh hosanna, Hallelujah.

Help us live our days aware:
Others of Your own we need embrace.
And for the lost and loathsome, let us dare
to warn them of things which must
soon take place.

Oh hosanna, Praise You Jesus
Risen Savior, Here’s my song:
May it please You in Your love for us,
You to whom we do belong.
Oh hosanna, Hallelujah!


Eternal Savior, when were You ever not
destined for the cross?
When had You never saved us?
Your infinite Grace visits me
in my times.

Revealed, anointed, immersed with us
in death,
Your cruciform Manliness in time,
A divider of us all, and all our thoughts,
calls me forth.

Source and only Answer, our explanation.
Father: Our tremendous Imaginer.
In You: His Fullness —
as Son of Man and God You are,
with Your Holy Spirit.

Being— this is how we can say Your name:
“I AM”
YOU ARE above, beyond, unseen.
YOU ARE without our perimeter.
But YOU vISit with us.

O Divine Being, stay, and stay forever
and now in my infirmity,
assure me.
Please bless my hard, dark clay
with Your Holy Water and Strong Hands.

O Master Potter, soften, prepare
and turn me.
Make me different than all I’ve known.
Create me for Your pleasure and purpose.
I resign my will and design to thee.

O Master, what You have suffered me
to have made of myself till now,
seems so ugly and useless —
though I have survived my many sins,
and those obstacles You order or allow.

O Lord, my excuses
are very foolish.
The pain I avoid might surely heal me,
breaking my vain affections;
purging my lusts.

Holy Holy Holy Only Thou and yet…..
So must I be:
Holy. How, what can I ever do to become
Like You? O Holy and Humble one,
You became as You formed me!

Miracle God Man, JesuAs; Eternal Jesus,
I’ll not object. My plea: Refine me in fire,
PLEASE! Burn off the dross.
Cast me in Your ever living Image
and call me Your own.

From Pentecost

Thou hast stored up blessings for this day
From before the worlds were made.
The blessings of my life in Thee,
The will of God Thou hast for me,
Please show me them, I pray.

None other master have I now,
I worship Thee to whom angels bow.
Thy goodness Lord, so truly kind,
I pray this day you help me find,
And in Thy joy and day I’ll go.

Thy mysteries, some still are kept
Some as mortal men still slept.
But others we have come to know,
And surley do Thy works all show
Thy power, love and grace.

Through One great death, we in life proclaim
That Life, which freed us from guilt and shame:
“It’s Thy best gift, Lord Christ Thy Son”,
And we, in Thy sweet perfection,
We rest and cheer for Thy great Name.

Thy passage through the cool dark tomb,
And hell and back, some do assume
To walk with those Thou chose again,
No more the twelve, now eleven,
Such awe it still invokes.

Thy last days and words with them,
Sweet joy to write them with a pen,
It was to a saint, his memory stirred
By Holy Ghost. These things were heard
For centuries for centuries now elapsed.

And awesome day when all was done,
Thy foretold course, now fully run,
Thy beautiful feet- up off the ground,
Thou lifted into heavens clouds,
From human view eclipsed.

Now angels calmly promise them
Of Thy sure return again
“Just as He left ,He will descend",
To those, His own whose hearts a rent,
Will then receive their God.

So look now hopefully above
Where dwelleth true and only Love,
Who waiting for the secret time
Will come again a second time
To do His Father’s will.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Book V

1. A song
3. victory song
4. remembed to you
5. let me
6. I'll see you
7. Fight Song
8. Gurgle
9. Clear Eyed

A song

There's a song in my heart somewhere today,
if I listen real close I will hear what it says,
Can I be so still so there's nothing between,
my soul and the lyric my God sings to me?

You are Lord, God the Lord,
O come to us Jesus and take us today,
You are Lord, God the Lord,
O ride through the clouds and take us away.

My Savior's the Singer who sings sweet and low,
He's my Brother and Friend and He makes me to know
Of the Glory and Holiness reserved Above,
safe for the ones who are born of the Dove.

You are Lord, God the Lord,
O come to us Jesus and take us today,
You are Lord, God the Lord,
O ride through the clouds and take us away.

There's a song in my soul, I can hear the first strains,
It's a blessing Dear lord, and no doubt remains,
It's the voice of Your Spirit, I hear it now soft,
Thank You Lord as I listen I hear it more oft.

You are Lord, God the Lord,
O come to us Jesus and take us today,
You are Lord, God the Lord,
O ride through the clouds and take us away.


He makes a way in the wilderness,
He makes a way where there is no other,
He’s the only way to the Father,
He’s the Way, the Truth, and the Life for all who believe.

He speaks the Truth to the inward part,
He speaks His Truth and there is no other,
He prays for you to His Father,
He’s the way, the Truth and the Life for all who believe.

He is Life and Love for the soul of man,
He came to give us Life abundant,
Let’s lose our self life and live in His Life
He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life for all who believe.

victory song


This is the victory,
This is the victory,
This is the victory, that overcometh the world…
This is the victory,
This is the victory,
that overcometh the world, EVEN OUR FAITH!

We walk by faith,
We do not walk by sight,
This is the victory, that overcometh the world…
We walk by faith,
We do not walk by sight,
This is the victory, that overcometh the world!!!!!

Put no confidence,
Put no confidence,
Put no confidence, no confidence in the flesh…
Put no confidence,
Put no confidence,
Put no confidence, no confidence in the flesh!!!!!

We walk by faith,
We do not walk by sight,
This is the victory, that overcometh the world…
We walk by faith,
We do not walk by sight,
This is the victory, that overcometh the world!!!!!

Make no provision for,
Make no provision for,
Make no provision for, no provision for your flesh…
Make no provision for,
Make no provision for,
Make no provision for, no provision for your flesh !!!!!

We walk by faith,
We do not walk by sight,
This is the victory, that overcometh the world…
We walk by faith,
We do not walk by sight,
This is the victory, that overcometh the world !!!!!

remembed to you

I remember Jesus to you.
Surely you have heard
how wonderful
how true
is God’s Son, a miracle !
Sent once to us to die,
that we should live forever :
you and I.

I remember Jesus to you now.
Will you remember too
and humbly bow?
And give your all,
your allegiance
to the King of every king.
He gave up His throne in heaven
that we’d have everything; forever :
You and I.

I remember Jesus, He’s alive.
He’s a friend I cannot do without
for how could I survive
God’s judgment for my sins
which offend His Righteousness.
So I throw myself on my knees.
He forgives my sins and saves my soul.
Oh my soul, the Lord now bless.

let me

Let me be, Let me be,
Let me be, be, be!
Let me be like Jesus
O let my heart be free.
Free, free, free!
Let God’s Spirit dwell in me.
O let me be like Jesus,
O let me be free!

Not free as the world would be,
But let me be free.
In my mind and in my soul
Let no sin conquer me.
Though my foes may be many,
They’ll not reign over me.
For I’m free, free, free,
God’s Spirit dwells in me.

Free and at peace
Let me be, be, be.
With peace that comes from Jesus;
And the Truth that sets me free.
Though the sinful flood now roars,
And the lawless fires burn,
I’m free from sin’s dominion
Jesus makes me free.

I'll see you (forever)

I’ll see you forever
For you are a part of me,
And I myself a part of thee,
Inseparable in God.

Thre is no tomorrow now,
Though sun may rise and set,
And sleepy eyes may slumber,
Eternity is now set.

It’s stamped upon my heart and yours.
It’s seal : the Love of Christ
Which willingly I have received
And cherish more than life.

This soul awaits a body that will not die.
This soul awaits to see Him with it’s eye.
This soul awaits our meeting in the sky.
For faithful is our God who once did die, but now’s ALIVE.
We’ll see Him forever.

Fight Song

Dear Ones, The 1st stanza is not mine. I will try to find the author to give proper credit. The 2nd and 3rd stanzas I added. None the less ::TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! It is a song; sung to the melody of a school fight song. In the third verse you can insert a name in the blank. This song must be sung with sincerity, zeal, and zealous faith, less it remain the light thing of a football game fight song. It can be sung very slowly, deliberately, and with determination. It is, after all, a prayer. James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. The Lamb's poet.

Fight Song

Fire, the Holy fire, it’s the Fire we need today,
Fire, the Holy fire, send it down OLord we pray,
Fire, the Holy fire, burn away all sin and dross,
Send it down O Lord, we need the Fire of Pentecost,
Send it down O Lord, we need the Fire of Pentecost.

Jesus, O Holy Jesus, please give the promises You have made,
Jesus, O Holy Jesus, laid up in heaven for today,
Jesus, O Holy Jesus, you for no other we would trade,
Send them down O Lord, we need the Fires of Pentecost,
Send them down O Lord, we need the Fires of Pentecost.

Father, O Reverend Father, please do a miracle today,
Father, O Reverend Father, heal bro. (or sis.)____ now we pray,
Father, O Reverend Father, burn away all fear and doubt,
Send it down Dear God, we need the power of Pentecost,
Send it down Dear God, we need the power of Pentecost.


Should you be surprised
If God responds to you:
According to the manner
Of the things you did and do?

Does it make you angry
And even paranoid:
That One whom you can’t see is there
Whom no one shall avoid?

Everyone must face Him,
And everyone has thoughts
About the whys and wherefores
Of Jesus and the cross.

Children know that God is love
Before they learn their speech,
And gurgle out their songs of praise:
We should listen as they teach.

Joyful in their glory,
God's image yet unmarred
by the devil’s will and cruel deceit
Children as they are...

To become as little children
Is what our God commands,
For their’s, a trusting innocence
Does please the Son of Man.

He rides above the heavens
And rules the open seas,
But still has love for sinners
Who now do bow their knees.

His invitation still goes out
To them both far and near.
To Jew and gentile God still calls
Each day and month and year.

Give humble adoration
And all sincere respect,
Be yet brave, and cower not,
In honesty give all you’ve got
He will save, you'll not regret.

Clear Eyed
They call it a windows to my soul my eyes.
And it needs so very much, more, as I die,
To be able and pure, and like
Your clear Eyes.

I see inside of me,
And that, through my window, does trouble me,
It's not that I see too clearly,
But that I look so much.

My eye is open, but rarely truly clear,
And that, I do fear,
Is a matter on which You have spoken,
And every so clear is Your Speech.

The mote and the beam, and what may be seen
Has set men in motion,
The things that we do and our ideas of truth
Have room to improve in devotion to You...

But try as I might and I do,
Though weakly and very much to infrequently,
The smudges and filth,
Laying there at my sills often hinder my view.

Messiah, Oh Clear Eyed One,
Such distance I see looking out from my soul.
It must be traveled each day until Thy Day,
and should be eased by expelling my doubt,
And the sins of sheer pride that roil inside,
Of the windows to my soul.

Not only in me, but in others I see,
This lacking of clearness forebodes,
That the judgments of men, and the love You command,
And the change you must find in our souls,
Are works yet unfinished.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Book VI

Book VI
1. doing what can be done
2. Tears and Laughter
3. Getting There
4. go to fixin'
6. (untitled)
7. two tree tales
8. You Need Him

doing what can be done

Fallen from a place so special
At God’s own side, Adam
Now sits outside the garden’s gate,
The hot east wind to demonstrate
The consequences of sin and pride:
He and Eve have died.

Why should a fate so cruel
Be thrust upon our world?
Did not God create us for Himself?
What can we do(?) now but grieve
And pray to Him to receive
A reversal from our missed fortune,
A return to His favor once more.

Tears and Laughter

Many mornings mourn for living,
Many faces seem so grim.
These weights that are carried inside the hearts,
Can they be but the force of sin?

Faces!: Where is Jesus?
What have you done with Him?
Have you not heard that He lives,
And died that you, might too, begin
A life free of the devil’s lying power,
And the power of death so grim?

Our lives are measured day by day.
One never knows the hour
of their passing quite away,
to sweetness or to sour.

Living now is not of hell,
Nor of heaven. Yet, I tell
that in our groaning joy may walk

Though sorrow our lot can sometimes be,
Affliction is suited to our need,
That we might purify our deeds.

Nonetheless does wisdom not
Proclaim herself in every jot
And tittle writ by Him,
Whom we receive and we must win?

We know Him Whom we do now bless.
We know the joy, the promised rest
Is our to come, and even now
Does lighten up our earthen brow.
Yet if our days find trial and test
In our tears we remain blest.

Now so we walk with our Paraclete :
Sweet Spirit God to guide our steps
On the Way, in the Truth, in the Life;
With brief tumult and fleeting strife.
With tears which turn to joy and praise
When Morning's hymns and anthem we raise
To call Him Lord : the Ancient of Days.

Hallelu Yah !!! Glori a Dios !!!

Getting There

Present things in present days,
which of all if any rule?
Bits of memories remembered now-
we called them history when in school.
We cry out values, good and bad,
searching always for their measure.
All of life we live long days,
which of any of us prays?

We have not the things we would have,
having left off from the asking.
What we get by our own devices
is wildly wasted in lusting.
Of our hearts, of my heart
will it never ever end?
In our hearts, in my heart,
this crazy craving evil bent?

Hidden stashes overflow
from the larder heavy laden,
in the storeroom, where I go
when I’m not remembering
how You went up on that hill that day
to purge away from me my foolishness and lust.

Grief and sadness will appear
when that flood subsides;
and leaves up on the banks of my hearts river
grief and sadness and loss besides.

Stop ! Don’t seed the clouds of doubt,
the clouds of wrath, or the clouds about
the minds of others, brothers, broken too.
Gently sow the Word of Grace,
which hearers hearts may then amend to.

Seek the Sower of the Truth,
Sowing freely Yahweh's Word,
Prepare your soil for His pass,
Receive the Seed, and the Water.
Sprout. Burst upward, grow.
Let the root sink deep, be made precious harvest for to reap
When in Eternity at last
Frees you from all harm in heavens grasp.

Find a hook set fat with bait,
not to nibble, - devour it.
Let the Angler sent of heaven
harvest you. Though you may fight
the rod and reel and staff,
you’ll find a Fisherman of might
will land you: purged of all your strength:
a lamb-like little fish for His table.

Thou fish, now caught, raptured, dazed, near death,
He delivers you with a kindly blow,
and mortified, you feel not the fillet knife
as you are prepared for the meal.
You are become a pleasant dish,
and your aroma a pleasing one to Him, Thou fish.

You are consumed, and united in Him
who is Life
and is Love.

go to fixin'

Everybody wants to rule the world.
Nobody knows how.
It’s too big for one man or lady.

Little more should need be spoken
Except that everything’s been broken
Everyday we go to fixin’
And come behinder than we started.

What’s missing? We should ponder
About how and why the walls fell down.
And why the dust, it never settles
And why the Kings are no more crowned.
And why

every day we go to fixin’ and come behinder
than when we started.


if you see my light shining oh follow me
if you see my face lit up share the joy
if you see me burdened down
lend a shoulder or a hand
if you see my knees a shaking steady me

if I persist in foolishness oh do rebuke me
if you see me falling down do pray for help
if you see me in a sin oh
correct me please I pray
if you see that I’d repent oh call me on

if you see me hesitate warn me well now
if you see that I have heard disciple me
oh I want to go to heaven not to hell so
if you see that I’ve repented

if you see my tear stained face
if you see me on my knees
come join with me
if you see me thanking Jesus
for His mercy and His love
think of all the love He’s given thee.

all it cost of me was my refuse/garbage/dust
for that was all I had the day I met Him
I brought nothing to His table ‘cept my sin stained hands and feet
in my dirty rags I met Him

He - full of grace and truth and love
full of faith and holiness
beyond what words can speak

I pray :

that a little more like Jesus
you see me day by day
less and less like that old man now crucified;
less and less like that old world
that is simply passing away,
that old world that I fear not nor now abide.

if you see me leaping shouting “Glory! Glory!”
know He’s near and dear to me this very day
come and follow oh I’ll take you to the Savior
and you’ll leap and shout and sing :

“He is THE WAY!”

there’s no other like the Christ
He’s the Messiah
oh Yeshua is ha Shem, oh Adonai

follow me???????????????????

oh we’ll live no more to sin
but to worship, love
and praise our God on high!


O how this heart of mine does ache
and needs to,
for still so much
is left to do ...

O, praise Thee, for
Thou hast made me
ever more and for
to please Thee.

two tree tales

*** *** *** *** ***
I never thought that I would be
a lovelier being than a tree.
But trees we hew and saw and burn,
with them we made the butter churn
and a thousand goods of a day now past...
But I was made and meant to last
and be built upon the Rock, you see,
and pass into eternity.

Planted like a tree whose leaf
will never fade, never to burn,
no need for sun, for light of moon
no dark of night, no death - no tomb.

When above in endless life,
with Christ who fought and won the fight
God gives us Heaven’s Rest,
We’ll rest in our Holy King.

Then we’ll love and live to love,
as we should live to love here now:
for God is never pleased with sin
and to love would teach us how,
Would we be humble, our knees to now bow(?).

Only here and now, below;
“life”: it seems to come and go
tossed like driftwood to and fro
upon rough rugged seas.

But when upon the rugged tree
Christ did finish all His work,
The "life" we lived was changed,
our destiny was unhinged
from death and corruption
and the Life God is was given back
to those who trust in Him.

You Need Him

When the hours have worn away
the strength I had at the break of day,
I’ll remind my soul:

“you need Him:
rest and worship now thy Maker,
rest in Him and pray.”

Early, early, afore the dawn,
strength renewed and sleep's now flown,
I’ll remind my soul:

“you need Him,
seek Him for that perfect Strength,
in thy weakness and in Him alone.”

When by noon and now a hungered,
I halt for meat to be sustained,
I’ll remind my soul:

“you need Him,
rest and with thanksgiving
offer praise for all His favor given.”

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Book VII


2. my cross /{MY ANSWER}
3. To Prepare A Place
4. The Gospel Of Grace
5. Got Jesus?
6. REACH !


Please don’t blame me
for the hurt you cause yourselves.
I don’t want you for my enemies.
I would have you as my friends.

Things happen for good reason,
you don’t need to understand
all that ever happened,
nor all that comes to pass.

Everything you need to know
I’ve told you.
Every thing you need
I’ve given it to you.
When one Day you join with me
in heaven:
QUESTIONS? o who explains to whom?

All of you have suffered some misfortune,
all of you committed many sins.
The promises I’ve made cannot be broken,
please Dear One, repent and enter in.

To each I give the needed simple measure
of faith, with which a man may now believe.
Don’t spurn the weight, the glory of my Treasure:
The Man, my son Yeshua, o : do receive.

They asked, “What shall we do that we may
work the works of God?”
Jesus answered,
“This is the work of God:
that ye believe on Him whom He hath sent.”

I understand how much you now are hurting,
I know that you too are sinned against.
Remember that it’s you my Son was serving
when He suffered more than any ‘fore or since.

His suffering in its strangeness served a purpose,
that sons and daughters, mine you might become.
So as He accomplished my will for you to live,
I plead for you to Us your life now give.

my cross /{MY ANSWER}

My Cross

Wasn’t one cross enough, Lord?
Why must I pick up my own?
Yours accomplished everything, did it not, Lord?

Didn’t You do it all, Lord?
and do it all for me,
and take away every sin of every man?
Didn’t You Lord?

I know that I’ve done wrong, Lord,
I’ve broken all Your law.
But have You not forgiven this, haven’t You?

So why, Lord, O Lord, do I, Lord,
have this cross of mine ? Lord?
Why must I pick it up, o Lord? Why ?


My son, my goal for you is
to be just like me.
As I am like my Father,
so you shall also be.

Holy, pure and sinless,
I was once crucified,
taking away sin’s mess
On the day I died.

You must take your cross, son,
and carry it each day,
and nail your lusts and habits to it,
if so, then you may

take your place in
the Life, son,
and identify with me;
to show the world around you
just what a man can be:

who trusts
in me alone son,
who walks with me each day,
and gives up every thing he has
for Heavens brighter Way.

I took leave of Heaven’s best
for God’s eternal life and plan
to end the pain and every strife and give
His power to every willing man.

The cross will humble you, son,
the cross will give you strength,
to overcome your sins, son,
and reach my Holiness.

So pick it up and carry it,
this instrument of death :
like mine which brought you life, son,
yes, it’s for the best.

to steady every step
you take with me to Calvary,
there to get the Victory,
there to have me set you free:
for ever and eternity.

To Prepare A Place

Sin the greatest folly,
doubt the rankest fear,
war against the calling
of God’s Son who is so near,
who willingly, supplies all need
and bids “be of good cheer”.

Hell prepared for Satan
and angels fallen away,
hell a man would not receive
should he put his stay
upon the great Jehovah
whose Spirit leads each day.

Charity, Christ’s love supreme
is what I’m destined for,
and Wisdom now from God above
will guide me to that shore
which waits for those who wait now still,
for His return, whom they adore.

Heaven prepared as for a Bride,
the New Jerusalem,
prepared by God for holy saints
who are washed by Holy blood,
it’s where I’ll go and stay one day
and forever and ever: BARUCH ha SHEM!
(Baruch ha Shem = Praise the Lord)

The Gospel Of Grace

The Gospel of Grace that came from above,
Holy Ghost giv’n to the called in one verse
Is laid before all to the ends of the earth-
The manifest writ of His love.

Though Chaptered and numbered and versioned today,
It’s Spirit can never be fractured apart.
One Sword of the Spirit cuts right to each heart-
The lively bold writ of His love.

Penned by so many who listened toHim
The story it tells is alive in it’s words
Of one faith, one baptism and one Holy Lord-
The inspired writ of His love.

For doctrine, instruction, correction, reproof:
All in righteousness from first to last,
It’s high worth shall never be ever surpassed,
The True Holy writ of His love.

It’s known as the Bible which really means “book”.
Holy it’s called and if YOU take a look
Inside it’s good pages and study it well-
Your name can be writ in His love.

Got Jesus?

He don't gotta say "gotcha"
'cause he already do!
What i wanna know is
do you know Him too ?

He don't need ta say
"I told you so."
What i really wanna know is
Do ya hear what He says ?

It's a simple message,
a child can tell ya it,
an a blessin' ta hear
the Bible's Holy Word.

If ya hear this thing
that's real, that i'm speakin',
Hear: the deals for you
if it's Heaven your seekin':

The Gospel of John, Chapter 3:16-18
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)

The Gospel (according to Paul) from Romans Chapter 10:8-13
8 But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.
13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

REACH ! lifting up Holy hands without wrath or doubting

Reach above the idols of today.
They’re very short, put next to God our King;
They can do for you not anything,
But lead you from Him far away to stray.

Look o’er the top their heads of dry hard clay,
To the now and to horizon’s bounds,
And then beyond to Christ in Majesty,
To His throne where praise and laud resound.

Put away the makings of dead gods.
Lend the sound of your own speech to prayer.
Put away the stone and clay and wood,
Away! The tools that formed the things we’ve dared.

Our hands and minds have plied the elements
With brilliance that could come alone from God,
Yet all the glitter, glamour is pretense
‘Til mind and hand and head to God do bow.

From obelisk to gate of Babylon,
From images of totems of the north,
And images that now do speak and move!
From these now all hell’s evil does pour forth.

The landscape once so clean is littered now
With gods all false and purposed to distract.
Men do worship these and to them bow
And serve these dead messengers not looking back
To see the Truth of God they’ve left behind,
Preferring pleasure to Him and Good and right.
With thoughts of self for self by self in mind
They darkly with deceit do walk the night.

So reach above all the idols
which ever were graved
And look to Heaven’s heights
where now does sit
One Alive
Who Was Will Be And IS
Forever : God Alone : our God : God whom no hand ever made !

Saturday, December 03, 2005


1. Courage
2. nineeleven
3. I Would
4. Hated
5. The LIFE
7. jars of clay
8. change


I must have courage to face this,
The Day has dawned
and everything has changed.

The days gone by have left their mark
upon my outer man.
Yet inside, deep within
I am also marked by that which has been,
still it is, and still I may be freed.

Free to see reality, to know Truth,
to see clearly, to be without confusion,
to see with an uncompromised eye:
what is and why.

The limits are taken away.
All my capacity is available
because life with courage permits
effort without vanity.

Let obstacles come, for testing nurtures
inner strength and strength of the inner
man must grow. Courage is for strength,
and strong I need to grow.

Let interest accrue to that Deposit in my soul
which is made for a possession
in the future,
the possession is the Future.

I am a deposit in an account.
I am a portion of an inheritance.
I am a coin in Another Realm.
I am an expectation of another Will.
I am beloved of God, and the joy of the Lord is my Strength.


Yesterday I was the plumber
you did not want to call;
yesterday I was his teacher,
caught him running in the hall.
Everyday I’ve been your neighbor,
we talked about baseball...
but now it is tomorrow,
can’t go back before their fall.

Last week you shopped for Niecy,
she needed things for school,
the weekend came, we rested.
It went too fast for you.
And Monday came way too soon,
found me feeling kinda blue...
but now it is tomorrow.
What next will they do?

Everybody’s askn’ why
they chose to hurt and kill us
on that sunny day.
And when the next attack will come,
and where these evil men were from.
I really do not know at all, my friend,
if I can ever say.

But this I’ll say, I will :

Put your trust in Jesus,
and love your neighbor well.
Treasure more the hours,
how many none can tell,
of life, it may be long or short-
‘sfor sure we all will die.
It was horror at the towers fall,
but dear ones don’t you cry.

It’s been said many times,
I’ll say it once again:
“It’s how you play the game that counts,
not if you lose or win.”
The things that now are coming,
come not from men alone;
God’s hands and angels guiding
will surely guide us home.

We’re citizens of heaven
or denizens of hell,
some say the which from which
only God can truly tell.
But what men say and do in life,
speak volumes in God’s ear,
So choose your steps with wisdom
and to Jesus draw most near.

I Would

Can I ever, will I ever, may I ever?
Ever I would be changed.
Seems, it would be easier; better we know
“... if it is with difficulty that the righteous is saved,
what will become of the godless man or sinner?”

An end approaches,
can’t avoid... so don’t deny,
Lay over and onto the Strength
who alone can bear us up,
the Pilot who knows.
We know well enough that we alone cannot.

Ignorance fading in Light
as the bliss of Truth’s baptism
brings foundation and completion,
promises sure for infinite being.

“For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form,
and in Him you have been made complete,
and He is the head over all rule and authority.”

Choosing sides, and distilling from greyness
that which endures and assures,
a trust beyond time and times, yet
still.. a Trust for today.

“...they hated me first...”

Why so hated, these?
Why no place? O please...
do not fault me for my birth.
Who among us chose this earth?
One day I did awake and here I was
and came to know some Art beyond
was reason for my being;
and perhaps someday I might be seeing
just why it was I did appear
in time, in space, said day, said year.
But why, o neighbor, can you tell,
Am I now so hated like as cast to hell?

Why so hated am I now?
Because my soul to Him I bow?
Am I not one free, like you?
to choose my Master and be true
to that which He alone can teach
of Heaven’s Life, for which I reach?

What threat is He, this Man to you?
Why it’s as if you really knew,
that what is said of Him is so!
The Bible, Word, does it not show
He truly lived and will return
His wheat to gather, chaff to burn?

Does Christ’s faith expose your sin?
And show up every snare and gin
of habits evil, more than you know,
and flaws in what you say and sow?

Discomfited by what you hear and see?
Should this be cause to hate a man like me?
We’ve all done evil, every one —
that’s why God has Sent His Son:
to take and bear away our sin,
that on the Day of entering in,
He will welcome those who meekly now,
while yet on earth below do bow.

Perhaps what you hate is the limited choice:
it’s clacketty clang... or heaven’s Voice,
the devils and flames, or eternal love
which sweetly beckons from above.

Oh that God grant ears to hear
and hearts would turn from fright to the cheer
of a future of hope... free of all harm
craving, fearing, tears and alarm.

By His Sovereign Grace, which no man deserves,
we’ll rise to His Kingdom, forever to serve,
to worship and praise God in bliss
How is it, o, that I’m hated for this?

(John 15:18-25)


Oh, young man, there will be times in your life
when the turmoil and strife will seem insane.
As the days wax toward the end of all things (it’s at hand),
and some days will dark as the night.

So ready yourself in the Lord’s armor,
show yourself approved unto God.
Learn to watch, and to pray-
to stay your whole mind and life on Jesus and his word.

Oh, young woman, be aware,
that the things that some dare
and do
bring much sorrow and pain to their lives.
Seeds sown in an hour
have a lifetime of power.
If they sprout they may grow and bear fruit.

Oh, boys and girls life is long, so live!
Live and grow and be strong: using strength
not for evil, but for good. And learn to
KNOW God’s dear voice, then you will make
the right choices, and be safe
and live life as all should.

“Our battle is not against flesh and blood,”
But against the Satan, against his boastful lie.
To our enemies we give love, to them we do good.
But the devil we do war with God’s host.


WORSE, worse than six others
is this primal beast. Conceit:
unbridled, yet cast surely down;
where it murmurs and seems still to roar,
the enemy of all quiet.

VEXING the very pure of heart, vexing
hard is this primal beast. Braggart:
puffed and prating to its fall
it fell to vexing every man
and tries the more to wreck every heart.

NONE, no part was found
of this primal beast in Him. Folly:
enamored of self, still clamors
for the Victory, yet is once forever fully
deprived of all its lust by Him.

STAY NOW thy soul upon this Conqueror
of the primal beast !!! Hypocrisy:
its experience is now and ever doomed,
and ever failing in its “success”: "to
steal away a soul, bitterly".

STAY and BUILD upon this Rock who will
annihilate the primal beast !!! Pride:
the first of seven and all sins other,
all frauds, filth and lusts. Thy ROCK
will give thee VICTORY and more besides.

Jars of clay

Jars of clay, earthen vessels,
Lit within by HOLY Light,
Filled with oil from the Master
For our journey through the night.
Part! from worldly ways and wonders,
Cleave to heavens Holy Groom,
Think not oft of days now over,
Live today in God’s throne room.
Walk now quietly before Him,
Seek His guidance day by day,
Remember, dear one, now and always
Christ is Life, Truth and God’s Way.
Make the path of Him your own now,
Put your feet in His lovely shoes,
Walk in His obedient footsteps
To let the world see His Good News.
He has saved you for His purpose,
Weary not in doing this,
All have need to taste His goodness,
Love your neighbor, brother kiss.
Stumble not at His command,
It’s no grief to do His bidding,
He promises the New Jerusalem.
Remember the day of God’s Salvation, 
The cross...
Where John and Mary stood.
There Christ gave them each the other,
John and Mary: son and mother,
Giving, as He only could.
Jesus came and died and saved us
From hell’s death and punishment,
From the grave He rose and gave us
Each the other back again.
Though the breaking may seem painful,
O! the Light!!! the sweet release!!
God our Light lights all the house now,
Shining out Christ’s perfect peace.
Let your light shine, earthen vessel,
Though fearful ones will run and flee,
Pursue them not except in God’s love,
That they may find eternity.
Know ye not ye are the Temple
Of God our blessed Holy Ghost?
Christ now in you, the hope of glory,
Trim your wick and let the candle
Be lit alway by God’s own Hand
Join your brothers, sisters, mothers
Following Christ to
Beulah Land !!!!!!! 

© 2006 by David Severy

Pro 20:27 The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.


change your mind
you are not alone
your need is great
and many are like you
think outside all the boxes
take your thoughts from the truth

change your actions
so must we all
our need is great
and many stumble as we do also
act according to the better angels
take your cues from their master

change your place
if only all would avail
of the greatest gift
to receive of him
and be translated
from death to life